Update on Kit Hogan

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The recovery of Geneva College student Katharine Hogan, who was rushed to Allegheny General Hospital after being hit by a car while crossing Route 18, stands as a true testament to the belief that all things are possible through God. Following her accident on December 7, 2012, thousands in the Geneva community drew together to offer prayers on her behalf. Hogan, known as Kit or Katie, recently visited the Geneva campus and her conditionKit.jpg reveals that these prayers are continuously being answered.

Since being released from the hospital on January 8, she has been in outpatient therapy every day. "It′s like high school all over again," said Kit. But despite the initial odds against an early recovery, her remarkable progress has enabled her to complete therapy after just two months.

While there were initial concerns of brain injury and even her ability to survive the accident, the long-term effects have been relatively and amazingly minor. The accident resulted in a torn ACL in her right knee, partial deafness in her right ear and double vision. Kit will attend vision therapy to try to strengthen and train her eyes to look at objects together.

"The only scars from my accident that you will see are going to be my matching knee cap scars," joked Kit, referring to the left ACL surgery she had sophomore year. She will have surgery this summer on her right knee.

Kit, who is studying become an orthopedic surgeon, courageously confronts the challenges she has faced throughout her recovery process. "God saved me and I′m so stubborn, so I came back," said Kit with a smile.

Her mother, Tammy Hogan, said, "I will never be able to thank all of the people who have faithfully carried her to the Lord. We have gone from despair to hope. We are hopeful that her double vision will clear up. We are hopeful that she will be able to take a class this summer. We are hopeful that she will be able to come back to Geneva and finish up next semester."

"I didn′t realize how much I would miss Geneva until I couldn′t be here," added Kit.

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