Board approves updated mission statement

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The work of the Committee to Update Geneva′s Mission Statement has come to an end. Two years ago, the Board of Trustees appointed the committee to formulate a student-focused statement that differentiates Geneva College; guides the institution′s decisions and initiatives; and is memorable, measurable, and motivating. The revised statement, which was approved by the Board in May, is:

Geneva College is a Christ-centered academic community that provides a comprehensive education to equip students for faithful and fruitful service to God and neighbor.

The committee wrote in its final report to the board, "… we believe it is clear, understandable, and focused on students. Further, it emphases on Christ, comprehensive education (encompassing our liberal arts tradition coupled with specific disciplinary preparation), and service to God and neighbor are consistent with the Charter, Bylaws, and Foundational Concepts of Christian Education.

During the process of forming the updated statement, the committee sought input from all of Geneva′s constituencies, including students, faculty, alumni, donors, staff, parents, trustees and corporators. Several versions of the statement were developed and refined through a number of broad surveys and open meetings.

Dr. Ken Smith, president of Geneva and a member of the committee, stressed that although the wording of the mission statement has been revised, the college′s mission has not: "We do what we do because of what we are, not because of what we say we are. The updated mission statement does not redirect the college, but captures-in clear and biblical language-what Geneva does."

The other committee members were: Andrew Bernard, Trustee; Nick Bloom, alumnus; Dr. Jim Dittmar, Chair of the Department of Leadership Studies; Bill Edgar, Trustee; Kylie Gibbons, alumna; Jeff Jones, Vice President of Advancement; Missy Nyeholt, Director for the Center for Faith and Practice; Dr. John Stahl, Chair of the Department of Chemistry, Math and Physics; and Rosanna Weissert from the Parent Advisory Council.

Geneva College invites students to accept the challenge of an academically excellent, Christ-centered education. Offering nearly 40 undergraduate majors, an Adult Degree Completion Program with fully online and campus-based options, and seven graduate degrees, Geneva has programs that place students at the forefront of higher learning. Adhering to the inerrancy of scripture, the liberal arts core curriculum fosters a breadth of knowledge through the study of humanities, social and natural sciences, and experiential learning.