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Geneva College′s 2013 Film Fest was conducted on Saturday night of December 7, 2013. A student favorite, the annual event serves as a capstone to each fall semester at Geneva. Five films and one trailer were voted on at the event, and seven awards were offered to the contestants on a variety of criterions. Senior Trey Garlow acted as master of ceremonies.

The six entries were screened before intermission, during which the audience could vote for their favorite film while sipping mocktails and snacking on refreshments. After intermission, a final film, the winning entry in a screenplay competition held by Geneva′s literary magazine The Chimes, was screened before the awards ceremony.

Senior David Doyle won the "Best Actor" award, while senior Brooke Wible won "Best Actress." The award for "Best Use of a Faculty or Staff Member" went to English professor Dr. Dan Williams for his starring role in A Documentary, directed by sophomores Andrew Calvetti and Zachery Sheldon. Comedy Drama Genjitsumonogatari won "Best Editing" for the work of senior Matthew Purnell.

Dreams, directed by junior Simon Hunsburger won both "Best Visual Effects" and the "People's Choice" awards, making it the most popular among voters.

"I have three more Film Fests to go to, and I plan on being in three more," stated first-year student Michael Field, a participant whose work was premiered before his largest live audience during the event. "And yes, we already have multiple concepts for next year. Film Fest, see you in 2014!"

The films can be viewed at the Geneva College Student Programs Office′s Youtube Web page.

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