Students embark on Quest Trips

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During Spring Break each year, the Center for Faith and Practice (CFP) organizes multiple short-term mission trips. These Quest Trips are designed to encourage discussion and reflection on service and social justice issues. And after working in one of these communities, students often become involved in area ministries during the rest of their time at Geneva.

"Each trip is a little bit different, but the focus of all the trips is to provide an opportunity for students to serve, listen and learn from the places they are visiting," said Missy Nyeholt, Director of the CFP.

From March 7-17, students will be participating in teams traveling to locations including Aliquippa, PA; Youngstown, OH; New York City; New Orleans; and Washington, D.C.

The trip to Aliquippa will include service work at the Uncommon Grounds Café and with youth development organization Aliquippa Impact. Students traveling to Youngstown will explore the city and pursue service while engaging its identity. Those on the New York City trip will work with organizations such as Restore NYC and The Love Alliance.

In New Orleans, students from Geneva have worked with the Trinity Christian Community since 2006 in response to Hurricane Katrina, and will be returning to help continue restoration of the city.

Students traveling to Washington D.C. will be visiting organizations which deal with social justice issues such as human trafficking, poverty and disease. Their focus will be to learn how they can live more justly and better love their local and global neighbors.

Junior student ministry major Tim Fray will be going on the Washington D.C. trip for a second time. "I am excited to meet with the organizations again," he said. "I ultimately just love talking and thinking through these ideas of justice and serving in the places God has put us."

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