What accounting grads are saying about the program

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"The accounting courses that I had at Geneva provided me with a strong foundation of accounting principles and with "real-world" knowledge of the accounting industry. After working for a public accounting firm for a year now, it is amazing to see how much I remember from my accounting classes and how I can apply this to my career. I am very thankful for how my classes at Geneva have helped me to progress in my position and further my understanding of accounting and the general business world."

- Jay Matthew Weaver ′11, Staff Accountant for ParenteBeard

"As a practicing CPA, I know how valuable being licensed is. I applaud the efforts of Geneva's Business Department in creating an accounting program to assist students in meeting the 150 credit hour licensing requirement. I think that's great to allow students the option to incorporate the additional credits into their undergraduate studies. Having worked in other states that implemented the 150 hour requirement many years ago, I have had many coworkers who took a couple of years of additional course work to meet the 150 hours. At the firms where I have worked, having a Master's Degree (compared to only a Bachelor's Degree) is of minimal value; however, becoming a licensed CPA is critical to one's success in the profession."

- John Kubichek '97, CPA, CFE, Supervisor, Tate & Tryon, Washington D.C.

"Geneva College's accounting department provided me with a strong principle based education that leveraged me to secure a job before graduation in 2008. The professors gave me a clear perspective on the accounting industry based on their personal career experiences. This biblically rooted foundation and God′s favor, ultimately led me into a leadership role as Senior Auditor at a regional accounting firm. I am currently in the South Pacific Ocean on the island of American Samoa working on a two week fieldwork assignment. The sky is the limit."

- William G. Godfrey III '08, Senior Auditor at RC Holsinger Associates

"Geneva College′s accounting program has been a huge asset since I graduated 3.5 years ago. One of the best things about Geneva and the Accounting program is their commitment to making you well rounded and educated in the business world post-college. The program faculty has a mix of both academics and experienced professionals who help you apply what you learn post college. Some of the courses I learned from the most were audit (where we were forced to perform a mock audit), quantitative analysis II (where we learned how to perform advanced statistical analysis), financial management (where we learned how cash affects everything financially), and macroeconomics. The professors were always willing to work with you one-on-one if you had trouble understanding a concept and were equally helpful in providing real life examples within large and small companies as well as personal career advice. Being able to actually work on mock case studies in several of the classes allowed me to grow and apply those same concepts to case studies and projects in the commercial world. The exposure and networking with diverse classmates in the program has also been a huge asset, and I still keep in contact with several people I used to have class with. Within the accounting department, the professors′ passion for business, previous real-world experience, and the idea that ethics in the business world are something needed and sought after shaped my college years and current career."

- Brian Padworski '07, Financial Consultant for Deloitte Consulting