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  • Classroom cohorts meet one evening a week from 6-10 p.m. and include some hybrid online courses.

CMN 445
Theory and Practice of Adult Learning

In this course adult students will explore several theories of adult learning, including the Kolb model, and then students will apply one of the models to their own experience of learning. This course will have application both to the student’s own self-discovery but also to the work that the student may perform as a leader in a workplace or ministry setting.

3 Credits


BBL 408
Foundations of Christian Thought

This course explores the phenomenon of “worldview” as the assumptions that everyone has about reality—a vision for life that drives how people view the nature of the world, the problems of the world, the remedy for the world, and the future of the world. And, this course challenges students to critique their own worldview in light of the worldview presented in the Bible. At the end of the course, students will be equipped to examine their own life and work in light of the biblical worldview.

3 Credits


CMN 430
Organizational Analysis: Christian Ministry Leadership

For classroom ADP cohorts this is a hybrid course – 60% Online, 40% Classroom

Completing this course will prepare students to analyze the structure and function of an organization in light of contemporary organizational models. Participants apply theoretical knowledge about organizations to a specific organization and explore how organizations can be transformed into redemptive agents in this world and contribute to human flourishing.

3 Credits


CMN 403
Personal Leadership Assessment and Development

This course will establish biblical principles and requirements for leadership, depict biblical examples of how God develops leaders for His ministry, provide opportunity for students to apply this understanding to their own lives through self-assessment of leadership characteristics, and guide students in recognizing and describing God’s calling and development of their own lives for a particular field of ministry.

3 Credits


CMN 404
Old Testament Principles for Ministry

This course will be an introduction to Old Testament interpretation. Furthermore, special attention will be paid to the application of ministry principles found in the Old Testament to a variety of community ministry settings.

3 Credits


CMN 406
The Church and Its Community

This course will examine the role of the congregation as a moral agent for positive change in the community. The course will be divided into three phases of discussion: (1) Developing a theological framework for understanding community (heirs and the disinherited), giving special attention to the faith community as a support group; (2) Overcoming obstacles to community building and exploring resources and strategies for community organizing; and (3) Strategies for reconciliation and conflict resolution in small groups and in addressing public issues.

3 Credits


ADL 432
Christian Ministry Leadership: Research and Resources

For classroom ADP cohorts this is a hybrid course– 60% Online, 40% Classroom

This course encourages students to develop information literacy in their chosen field of study. Students will identify, access, retrieve, and summarize respected information in the field that is relevant to a research topic. In addition to identifying themes in the literature, students will compare, contrast and evaluate the major perspectives that emerge from their investigation.

3 Credits

  CMN 407

New Testament Principles for Ministry

A study of the book of Acts with practical application for ministry today.

3 credits


BBL 409
Christianity in Dialogue

Students will explore the basics of Christian apologetics in terms of identifying the assumptions that drive life-commitments. In particular, the most common and influential perspectives will be evaluated, and the contradictions inherent in living out these worldviews will be considered. It will be the perspective of this course that a biblical worldview, with its assumptions deriving from Scripture, best explains the world and human experience.

3 Credits


PLS 401
Christian Faith and Politics

Students will explore the Scriptural and philosophical underpinnings of government and survey the history of political thought with particular emphasis on the Christian tradition, including a discussion of the American Founding. In addition, the biblical principles of justice, economics and liberty will be explored in the context of a reflection on modern political ideologies. Lastly, students will investigate a number of important issues in contemporary political debate, such as war, globalization, and the environment.

3 Credits


HMT 411

For classroom ADP cohorts this is a hybrid course — 60% Online, 40% Classroom

Students will explore the humanities as a manifestation of human responses to the Cultural Mandate – to “rule over the earth and subdue it”. The humanities reflect the cultural values of the culture from which they spring, therefore students will be equipped with the theological and philosophical categories needed to properly discern the truth (and untruth) of the cultural messages embedded in the humanities. On the one hand, students will be equipped to appreciate the common grace truth embedded in the humanities, but on the other hand, students will be equipped with the biblical categories of antithesis needed to discern where those truths fall short. At the end of the day, students will be equipped to engage both aesthetic considerations and “truth considerations” in the humanities.

3 Credits


SGY 410
Restoring Social Institutions: A Christian View of Marriage, Family, Church, and Neighborhood

The social world is full of institutions, and it is held together by institutions. These institutions change over time, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. In this course we will explore the contours of four social institutions—marriage, the family, the church, and neighborhoods. How are these institutions changing? Why are they changing? And what is our own role in these institutions? Biblical norms for these social institutions will be considered, and we will work together to develop a Christian perspective to apply to other social institutions as well.

3 Credits


CMN 409
Principles of Family Ministry

The focus of this course is on an understanding of the family from a biblical perspective and the development of an underlying biblical theology of family ministry.

3 Credits

  CMN 416

Theology and Practice of Evangelism

Adult students in this course will explore both the theological underpinnings of evangelism as well as explore various methods for doing evangelism, with a view toward both becoming more articulate in sharing their own faith and becoming more equipped to giving leadership to an evangelistic effort in their own communities.

3 credits 


ADL 470
Career and Professional Development

For classroom ADP cohorts this is a hybrid course — 60% Online, 40% Classroom

In this course, students will reflect on their learning and professional development throughout their academic and professional endeavors. They will develop a portfolio of accomplishments in the program, as well as key professional documents that are typical of a person looking to advance in their chosen profession.

3 Credits


CMN 410
Leadership for Mission and Ministry

This course will examine the biblical foundations for the church and its ministry, review the biblical concept of leadership, explain how to discern and develop spiritual gifts, describe selection and training of leaders, develop a biblical philosophy of ministry and practice formulating strategies and programs which are deliberately rooted in such a biblical philosophy.

3 Credits



Point of Excellence

Geneva College hosts a chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, an international English honors society open to English and Writing majors of high academic standing.

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