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Employer Education Benefit and Deferred Payment Assistance Plan

Geneva College agrees to defer payment of the tuition costs of Adult Degree Programs courses not covered by financial aid for students who work for firms that have published education benefit programs.  You must agree to each of the following conditions in order to be eligible for this program.

  • I must provide Geneva College with written and official documentation that my employer has an education benefit program.  In most cases, this would consist of a copy of the section of the employee handbook that details the program.
  • I must fill out the required form from the Financial Aid office giving the details of my company’s policy before my financial aid can be determined.  That form is available from Financial Aid
  • If I do not qualify for financial aid, or I choose not to accept my full financial aid package (both grants and loans), I will be required to pay 30% of my outstanding balance up-front at the normal due date.  (For clarification of your due date, check your statement or call the Student Accounts office.)  The outstanding balance that remains after that 30% payment will be governed by the other terms of this policy.
  • In the event that my employer pays some or all of the cost of tuition prior to the class or term starting, then that amount is immediately due to Geneva College.
  • I realize that I am fully liable for the remaining cost of tuition even if my employer fails to submit payment for any reason, including, but not limited to:
    • My employment relationship with the company ends
    • The education benefit plan is altered or ended
  • My grade in the course does not qualify me for the complete or partial education benefit
  • I agree to pay to Geneva College the remaining cost of tuition at the earliest of the following two dates:
    • One calendar week after the date I receive payment from my employer
    • One calendar month after grades have been released, even if I have not yet received payment from my employer or if I have not received my individual grade due to incompletion or an extension.
  • I understand that in the event I fail to fully satisfy my tuition obligation according to the terms above, each of the following actions will be taken:
    • I will not be able to complete course work in which I may be enrolled at the time
    • Geneva College will not release any transcripts
    • My obligation may be turned over to a collection agency

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