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Dr. Paul Arnold

"I have to echo Susan Sechrist's message. I too served as a Statistics tutor and was surprised when Dr. Arnold asked me to do so! It was an honor to work with him and see beneath the "crusty persona:" and know the warm and caring man who really looked out for his students. What he provided academically was only dwarfed by what he provided personally. I was privileged to know him and look forward to seeing him again on that Great Day!"

-Bruce E. Smith '78

"Dr. Arnold was a kind man whose advise was sound and whose heart was good. I am blessed to have known him."

- Victoria Grus Kellerman '78

"I worked in the Geneva Computer room with Dr. Arnold. We had many good times over coffee and on hikes. Please note some old pictures at"

- Louis Martinage

"Dr. Arnold was indeed a rare treasure. Like many of the memories recorded here, Dr. Arnold shaped my thinking and my confidence in ways I never fully understood until only recently. After nearly 30 years working in the "Information Services" field (which he largely defined at Geneva in the early 80s)I can still recall advice and approaches he taught me and still apply. Like so many others, he spent time with me for reasons I didn't fully understand as a young man. I now know that it was simply because he loved his students liked Christ loved his disciples.

My favorite Dr. Arnold story took place in his favorite classroom, the outdoors. I so enjoyed his company I decided to satisfy my P.E. requirement by taking his "backpacking and trailbuilding" course. Our "final" entailed an overnight hike in the Allegheny mountains sometime in late November or early December. The hike started wonderfully and after 2 or 3 hours in, the snow started to fall and quickly the ground was blanketed with snow. The pace slowed dramatically and Dr. Arnold grew concerned that we would not make the camp by nightfall since a couple of the hikers were new and had tired quickly with the deep snow. Dr. Arnold encouraged me to go on ahead, find the campground and light a fire; which I did. As the hikers straggled in I was informed that Dr. Arnold was bringing up the rear by carrying his own (50 lb) pack 100 yards and putting it down to go back and carry someone elses pack. He did this for hours and strolled into the camp ground well into the evening.

I grew to admire him even more when he smiled, sat down and loosened his boots and lit his pipe and went on to ask everyone how they were and talked about the beautiful hike. He never grumbled, never complained and then slept like a baby overnight. I believe he was 60 years old at the time.

Dr. Arnold's impact on students is profound and lasting."

- Bob Craig '83

"I am grateful for Dr. Arnold's assistance in obtaining my first job in the Computer Science field. Jobs were hard to come by in the Beaver Valley at that time with steel plants closing, and I was unable to find anything related to my major after graduation. Once he discovered that, he took matters into his own hands, and I soon had an interview and position which started my career off well. I am impressed the interest he took in me, even after I was no longer his student."

- Janet Sheetz Estella '78

"It was 1967 and I had just arrived at Geneva. My parents, missionaries in Thailand, knew Dr. Arnold from there and suggested I look him up. I did so, and was almost immediately hired as an (very lowly!) assistant in the computer center. The IBM 1130 computer, which had something like eight thousand bytes of main memory and no disk storage, was just starting to be used. One of my jobs was to sort the 1-2 foot long decks of cards that held the processing programs. When you wanted to have the computer do something, you would put your something on a few cards and sandwich your cards with these massive decks of instructions, then run the whole kaboodle through the computer.

Dr. Arnold affected my life more than any other person at Geneva and I'll always be grateful to him. Though my major was physics, my passion was computer science. My education at Geneva was paid for by generous scholarships and LOTS of hours in the computer center on the top floor of the S&E building.

Dr. Arnold was a font of wisdom and droll humor, delivered with a patented deadpan expression. He set me on a very successful career path that I still follow, almost 45 years later. Thank you, Dr. Arnold!!"

- Mark Overgaard '71

"I was a biology major, and still don't like computers. My strongest memory of Doc Arnold is him briskly walking with my dad (Roy Adams) around campus. I never asked either of them but I suspect it was Doc Arnold who got them both out and around. It generally appeared that Dad was doing the listening: little surprise there, on either end.

His wit was more than dry; more like arid. I'm still trying to match it.

Blessings and God's comfort to his family."

- Jon Adams, 1975

"Dr. Arnold was a professor of mine back in the '60s, but I remember him more as a close friend of my father, Donald Weimer. The two grew up together in New Brighton and some how ended up stationed near each other in the South Pacific during WWII. My dad was just talking about Paul Arnold with his pastor last week before Dr. Arnold's death."

- Paul Weimer '70

"I was blessed to have had many classes with Dr. Arnold, including one semester where I had him for four different class. What a gem. I have a few distinct memories of him, his dry wit, and his love of his students. 1) I was sitting in my freshman stats class during a snow storm with my boots rudely on the chair in front of me. Dr. Arnold stopped the class when he saw my feet up on the chair and told me that unless those boots had Vibram soles, I needed to take them down. Fortunately for me my boots did have Vibram soles, and Dr. Arnold and I knew we shared a love for great hiking equipment. 2) Dr. Arnold routinely asked me to join him at his outdoor office (the bottom stairwell behind the Student Center - so he could enjoy his pipe. He loved the outdoors, and engaging with the students - this met both needs! 3) Dr. Arnold was talking with me in the lobby next to the mail room when a female student came up and asked him a question. Dr. Arnold did a few glances between me and her, and finally told me that he was sure I'd understand why he'd rather talk with her, and he went into the Brig to continue his conversation with her, leaving me standing there. 4) After graduation, Dr. Arnold heard I was interested in pursuing a MBA. The next day, I found a three page, hand-typed letter of advice from Dr. Arnold covering all the considerations he wanted me to contemplate as I explored my option. This wasn't something saved on his computer and easily inserted my name - this was typed from scratch that day. Anyone who knew Dr. Arnold knew his passions: his Lord, his wife, his family, and his students, and God's created world. I cherish my time with him."

- Raymond Randall, '85

"There's a saying, sometimes attributed to St. Francis of Assisi, that goes "Preach the gospel always; if necessary, use words." More than once, when I've thought about Paul Arnold, I've thought about that saying. For one thing, he always seemed to be 3 or 4 sentences ahead of us in any conversation, so words could be a problem. Yes, he could be cryptic. It helped to have a dose of caffeine and sugar at DeAngelis Donuts to keep up with his quick mind. Words aside, I believe he did teach the Gospel through his actions, and his life.

When I was a student, Paul was in charge of the computer center and taught, among other things, computer programming languages. He recruited a number of us every year to work on computer applications for college offices (Business, Registrar, Alumni, Development, etc.) and allowed us an educational experience we could never have hoped for, even at the largest universities. Students were always at the top of his agenda and he went beyond recruiting us to work, and mentored us in many things. I, for one, owe my career to him as he recruited me into the world of computers I had never considered and in which I have worked gladly ever since.

I'm sure there are many students who, like me, will be forever grateful to have known Paul Arnold. May God bless and comfort his family."

- Don Henderson '75

"Whoever had the foresight to hire Dr Arnold must have seen his unique gifts and realized how much Geneva needed them. Computers, statistics, creative problem solving were all courses I took with Dr Arnold and enjoyed immensely because of his unique teaching style. Sailing on Moraine Lake was a bonus! A man of many talents, but most of all his talent to touch hearts and inspire many, many young lives."

- Priscilla Morrison '70

"Dr. Arnold was a great professor! He taught the first computer class ever offered at Geneva, and I was the only student in that class! The computer technology field was new and an actual computer was not available. I give thanks to the Lord that I was privileged to have studied under Dr. Arnold."

- Dr. Betty Thorne, Class of '68; Professor of Statistics, Stetson University

"Dr. Arnold is probably the one professor, at any level of education, who had the greatest impact on me. As a Sociology major, I took Fortran and statistics to avoid taking a lab science. While taking the statistics course he saw me hanging around with one of his business majors, and we started talking. He encouraged me to take additional statistics and programming courses, hired me to be a student assistant for statistics, and had me do programming for the Alumni Office ( usually starting at 11 p.m. when student access ended and continuing through the night). He even helped another student and I create our own minor in Data Analysis, giving me a chance to put the statistical procedures into practical use. During graduate school the computer skills allowed me to finance my studies as a graduate assistant. When career paths in Sociology dried up my statistical and computer skills were essential in changing career paths and, eventually, landing me a position as a health and benefits administrator. His guidance, caring, and ability to get me to think outside conventional thought and challenge myself to exceed my expectations have been most important in getting me where I am. I often remember the coffee and donuts, and am a better person because he took an interest in me."

- Douglas V. Hathaway, Ph.D., Class of 1976

"Two of the things I remember the most from my classes with Dr. Arnold are KISS and CYA. Keep it simple stupid and Cover your well you get the point. In all my years in banking these two simple phrases served me very well. I also LOVED his Business Ethics class and am so sorry that most of the leaders in business today don't follow a lot of what Dr. Arnold taught us in that class. He was a true gentleman, a wonderful listener and someone I have really missed chatting with over the last 24 years. I have no doubt Dr. Arnold is with Jesus right now talking about statistics."

- Mark Chasey

"My Grandfather was a man of varied interests and experiences. But, through his life he was true to his faith, his family and his deep appreciation for the physical, mental and spiritual potential of this fellow man.

I loved my Grandfather tremendously and valued his advice and counsel. He was the first man to encourage me to think critically about my life. He employed what I later learned to be The Socratic Method in challenging my views on everything from religion to politics to history and literature. We shared a true passion for the philosophy of political thought. Although, we often found ourselves on different sides of an argument, our differences were born of method and not intent. We both loved and valued life and wanted everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy it to the very best of their abilities.

As described by these testimonials in wonderful detail and affection, he was a man blessed with many gifts. However, I have always thought his greatest gift was his capacity to love. Louise, his wife and my Grandmother, was his world. Together they adventured across the jungles of Thailand, raised three wonderful men, and, at all times, lived their faith with generosity and joy. It is my great hope that they are now reunited and starting a new journey.

I truly want to thank all of those who have written to share their thoughts and memories. My family truly appreciates your kind words."

- Christopher F. Arnold, Grandson

"Dr. Arnold was a mentor to me and whenever I needed something or a place to stay the Arnold's willing opened their home. He was a man that lived his faith in Christ every day. He is one of the reasons I have been in the computer field for 35 years and serve the Lord in my local Church. I owe much of my professional success to Dr. Arnold. I pray for Doc's family during their loss."

- Al Raniero

"Dr. Arnold paid me $15 to take notes in my Statistics class. After class, I photocopied the notes and placed them in a binder in the library. Those notes were the official class notes and all exams would be based on my notes. How could I not like Dr. Arnold? Fifteen dollars was a lot of money and to know he couldn't test us on anything I didn't write down."

- Annette Townley '85

""Cryptic wit and speech?" Absolutely and without a doubt. A great professor, mentor and friend. I am proud to have been Dr. Arnold's student in four classes. What always comes to mind is how he was always caring and concerned about his students; both professionally and spiritually. I took a class in Calculus for Management with Dr. Arnold back in 1989 and I struggled almost to the point of dropping the course. Dr. Arnold came to me and offered to meet with me on Saturday mornings at 8 a.m., and we did for 6 weeks until 12 noon. During one such session, we took a break and Dr. Arnold went to get a cup of coffee. When he returned, he said: "...well what do you know, I went to the Student Center to get a cup of coffee and it's Parent's Weekend. So they gave me this name tag in case I forget what my name is. It's Arnold by the way." I passed his course and took two more electives with him. Dr. Arnold was instrumental in helping me choose Regent University to study for my MBA and JD degrees, and he wrote my faculty recommendation. When I graduated he sent me a pocket copy of a New Testament, identical to the one that he carried for years. Forever humble and modest; a true servant of the Lord. Sleep well Doc, a race well run, and a race well won. You shall be missed."

- Kevin D. Harris, Esq. '91

"I spent many hours in the computer center and also in class with Dr. Arnold and the first thing that comes to mind is the time he took to stop and talk with students. I confess I didn't always follow his quick wit but I was always amazed at how much was going on inside his brain. He was such an interesting man with a love of life and a love for the Lord and for his students. He was one of the first faculty members I met at Geneva and he definitely had a positive impact on my life."

- Vicki (Lewis) Rhodes

"I had Dr. Arnold for a statistics class in 1982. He had all of the students names individually and separately written on 3x5 cards. He was lecturing on probabilities and that each person named on the card had a 1 in whatever the total number of students in the class of being pulled from the stack. So, he had a student pull a card from the stack. It was mine. He walked up to me, and asked me what the probability was of my card being pulled from the stack again. I replied, 1 in whatever the number of kids in the class were. He said that's right, your chances, statistically, are no greater or less, of being pulled again. He stuck my card back in the stack, shuffled the stack and had me pull a card from the stack. You guessed it, I, purely by chance, pulled my own card. He stopped, and said, in all his years of teaching, that had not happened before. So, he proceeded to calculate the number of times he had taught that class, and showed, that the probability of this happening (the same card being pulled twice) from a statistical perspective, was due to happen. Anyways, he had a great way of presenting material in a practical and useful way. He always took the time to chat, and seemed to have a genuine interest in me."

- Andrew Bernard '83 and Trustee

"I had Dr. Arnold for computer class back in the early 70's. His knowledge and pioneering spirit about computer science helped lead me to more studies in the field. Thanks Dr. Arnold for your influence and getting me to think logically. I know Geneva College has lost a great teacher and great friend."

- Charles McAndrews '73

"I was a student at Geneva from 1972 - 1976 and served as a tutor in statistics. I remember well the dry wit and brilliance of Dr. Arnold. I had Dr. Arnold for statistics my sophomore year at Geneva and was shocked when he approached me to serve a tutor for some of the adult evening students the next semester! He never wavered in supporting me and assuring me that I was up to the task. I have often thought of him with fondness and respect. I appreciated reading his biography as I did not know about his family and background. I am now an attorney, parent and grandparent and pray for the blessing of assurance and peace to his family, colleagues and friends."

- Susan (Sechrist) Snyder '76

"God′s calling is not always automatically comprehended, but I am aware He placed Dr. Paul Arnold on my life′s pathway in 1973 at Geneva College. After being enrolled in his FORTRAN and Statistics classes he became my academic advisor. As a young black male struggling with low self-esteem, Dr. Arnold provided encouragement and direction. As a result of his interest in me, I was able to complete my undergraduate studies at Geneva. I never forgot his influence and supportive efforts on my behalf and many other students he touched with the love of Christ. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., eloquently stated, "Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love." These words exemplify the character of Dr. Paul Arnold. He had achieved a standard of greatness through his heart of grace and soul of love."

- Vernon D. Franklin

"Dr. Arnold was my teacher, colleague, and friend. His backpacking class (for phys ed credit) introduced many of us to a lifetime of physical and spiritual health. His ability to teach in the classroom, around a fire, walking a trail, or over a cup of coffee showed his true love of people, the Lord, and learning."

- Dave Shaw '83, Professor of Mechanical Engineering

"I remember Dr. Arnold from my days at Geneva in the 70's. The old computer lab was a welcoming place where I spent many hours. The funny thing I remember about Dr. Arnold is that our conversations were always one-sided, as he could not hear the pitch of my voice and someone (male) would have to interpret for me. He was one of my favorite Geneva profs. Rest in Peace."

- Connie Smith Lambright

"Doc Arnold was not just a statistics prof but a friend and a real man of God. I felt he really cared about me as a person. Though it has been 35 years ago, I remember him like it was yesterday. We will have some great talks again someday, but not about statistics."

- Jim Andrews '76

"Dr. Arnold was one of the most influential men in my life. He went out of his way to invest in the lives of his students. From lunch events with local business leaders to establishing the first PC based computer class at Geneva (on his own personal computer). He didn't just teach subject matter to students; he taught students how to learn and then provided opportunities for real life learning and experience. It's been 25 years since I graduated from Geneva College, but Dr. Arnold and his love for and commitment to his students has often come to mind. I have forgotten much more than I have remembered of my time at Geneva, but the memories of Dr. Arnold, his pipe, and those walks behind the student union have not faded a bit. He would say, "Walk with me", and then proceed to impart the wisdom he gained from a life well lived. His life and is legacy live on in those of us who were so privileged to not only call him professor, but mentor and friend. Thank you."

- David Smeltzer

"Dr Arnold was my advisor, mentor and teacher for my four years at Geneva. I think I took every course he taught!

One memory I will always remember was a devotional Dr Arnold held at Memorial Hall. He talked about the fear of the Lord being the beginning of wisdom. That devotional and thoughts have stuck with me ever since.

He truly was a man of God who really cared for his students and who oh by the way really new statistics! Professionally, I still use his Weighted Decision Table that he taught us.

All in all Doc Arnold made a great impact on my life and I look forward to seeing him again - in heaven!"

- Peter Suetterlein

"Dr. Arnold was a mentor to me in the 80's as an accounting and business major. I learned a great deal from him during our many walks with coffee. I attribute a lot of what I know and apply today to what I learned from him. I am very thankful for his impact in my life."

- Jim Kanuch '88, VP Finance, West Penn Allegheny Health System

"Dr. Arnold was my adviser for my independent study. When I didn't think I could make it through, he remained steadfast in his belief in me. He encouraged me to pursue my interests and dreams. He connected me to people with similar interests who could help me decide a career path. During many walks to DeAngelis Donut Shop, I laughed and I learned. His ability to come along side someone, to encourage, to strengthen and to challenge was unique. I think of Dr. Arnold frequently and am always grateful for having had crossed his path for a few years.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones. Thank you Dr. Arnold for sharing yourself with us."

- Elizabeth Hill

"I took several classes from Dr Arnold during my days at Geneva. I also was a student assistant for him so I had the privilege of spending more time with him outside of the classroom. I will always remember his sense of humor. But what I will remember most of all is how he genuinely cared and took an interest in the lives of his students!"

- Chris Steininger

"I had a statistics class, with Doc Arnold, in the summer of '67. Before the first class started, he looked over the roster and told the class " the Econ majors would be first, the Bus Adm majors would second, the General majors would be next with the few Engineering majors come in last." I guess that was his way of giving the Engineers the incentive to prove him wrong. It worked...we all came in with the top grades in the class. He was a great teacher."

- John Toth BSIE '69

"Dr. Arnold was an amazing professor who taught us practical applications of our course studies. I appreciated the luncheons he set up for us Management Science Majors to meet with local business people. He gave us challenging, but useful assignments and projects. I have thought of Dr. Arnold many times over the years; during my career with IBM as well as while running my own business. He gave me a lasting education. It was a blessing to have such a wonderful, Christian professor in college."

- Lauri (Money) Donovan

"Dr. Arnold was my professor, my mentor, and my friend. I relied upon his wisdom and guidance so many times during my years at Geneva: when he helped me switch my major to business data processing, when he enabled me to start using my fledgling computer skills both on campus and at Armco Steel, when he gave me my first office [a small room in the rear of the computer center with a beanbag serving as my only furnishing], when he pushed me to tackle some tutoring during night classes, and when he listened and nodded as I shared some of the drama of my college years. Perhaps best of all, he got me back on the path to the Lord. I will always cherish our many walks around campus and our frequent mentor/student meetings at the donut shop, discussing and solving all of my issues as well as the problems of the world. God bless you, Dr. Arnold, and thank you for your talent, time, and friendship."

- Mrs. Cindy [Hudak] Del Monte, M.A., Class of 1976

"I was one of Mr Arnold's first students when he returned from Siam to teach 9th grade algebra at Northwestern High School (now Blackhawk) in 1962. We learned he was a skilled knife thrower, so we all paid attention in his class most of the time. He was an outstanding teacher who I had again for advanced algebra two years later. When I returned to Geneva after a stint in the army, I was pleasantly surprised to see him on the faculty and now Dr. Arnold. He made a great contribution to Geneva and was a good friend of my dad."

- Mel Adams, Ph.D., Trustee

"Dr. Arnold was my major professor. I spent many hours working in the computer center as well as in several independent study courses. Because of his encouragement those many years ago I have continued to this day in Information Technology. His encouragement shaped my dreams and my reality. He will certainly be missed by many in this life."

- Bob Blackwood

"1978, freshman year, waiting for Doc Arnold to arrive to start class, I had opened up a home built briefcase computer. Very primitive, one line display, motorcycle wet cell battery, long before DOS etc. Doc Arnold walks in, and he notices my open briefcase and stops to look it over. He then says "That's impressive enough to show you something of mine that's impressive" and he reaches into his wallet and pulls out a picture of his grandchild! He is a great friend, and I'm celebrating his HOME coming! Spent a lot of time in class, hiking together, and on the rifle range."

- Alan Fiebig

"Very sad to hear this. I majored in Info Systems (78) and had DR Arnold for many classes. I remember him taking me out for lunch before graduation day and giving me advice on career decisions. I'm sure he will be missed!"

- David S. DeWall

"Ann and I spent many years in an early morning prayer meeting with Paul (and Dave Carson, Dick Gordon, and Jerry Moran, among others), and we always enjoyed both his company and his prayers. He was genuinely concerned about his students and colleagues. His wit was remarkable (and often cryptic!) We prayer for comfort for his family."

- Dave Wollman

"How vividly I remember Paul; his deliberate walk, his wide reading, his passion to lead every student into thinking and reading; but perhaps most of all, I recall his cryptic speech. Often his first sentence would assume something already said in a realm that wasn't where my mind was. I don't think I ever caught up! Thanks, Paul!"

- Ann Paton, Professor Emerita of English

"Dr. Arnold taught me statistics back in the late 1970s. I went on to become an Organizational Psychologist and did a considerable amount of work in statistical methods. And now, I am teaching the math departments′ Intro to Statistics course here at Geneva. We often talk here about how our work is built on the foundation that others have laid. Paul Arnold laid a foundation for me and many, many others.

I am thankful for Dr. Paul Arnold′s good service to Geneva over many years. May God bless his family during this difficult time."

- Dr. Ken Carson, Provost

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