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New Song in Cyprus

New Song, the nine member touring choir of Geneva College, had the amazing privilege of singing in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.  God, through his providence, made the entire journey a safe and an unforgettable experience.  While we were there we sang a total of six concerts for various individuals and groups, but that does not include the many impromptu concerts that we sang in different churches and places on our extravaganza.  

Our first concert began on Sunday night in the Grace Evangelical Church in Larnaca, Cyprus.  It was accompanied by a well known opera singer from Cyprus, Despina Vaya, who would sing most of the other concerts that we would have.  She made an exceptional addition to New Song and we will never forget the memories that we shared with her. 

Our next concert was in the Municipal Theater in Larnaca and would turn out to be the largest concert on our trip with about 200 in attendance.  We had the opportunity to sing with some of the students from the Larnaca American Academy and they were spectacular.  They were around the age of 16-18 but their voices sounded as though they had trained professionally.  It was extraordinary to be able to sing with such talented people and be able to minister to the crowd that attended the night’s entertainment. 

The following day was a concert that impacted me greatly.  It was not because of the words or because of the sound of the music, but it was because of the people that were at the concert.  We sang for a group called “The Lighthouse,” and they were a group of young multicultural Christians who lived in Cyprus.  They showed me that no matter how the group sounds people will still be able to understand and know that Christ has given us the voices that we have and He is the only sustainer of life.  It touched me to hear how the Lord had used them, from all different backgrounds, and from every part of the world, yet they still knew that Christ was the Savior of the nations. 

The concerts we had in Nicosia truly changed my outlook on what it means to be a missionary and how God can use any person.  We sang for the American Academy there in Nicosia and while we were there we met a man name George Ioannides who had the unique opportunity to minister to students that did not have any background in Christianity.  He allowed the students to figure out what they believed while also teaching them a firm foundation in Christian principles.  We were able to sing in his classroom and interact with the students as well.  That night we had a concert for the Nicosian community and it was wonderful to see that our God blessed the audience that came to see us through our music.

The trip to Cyprus turned out to be more than just a singing tour--it turned into a mission work for God to use New Song in some magnificent ways.  The schedule was tiring, but God provided strength in order that we could be vessels so that Christ could be glorified by our singing.  Our journey to Cyprus may have at first been viewed as a vacation, but it soon turned out to be a chance for the Kingdom of God to be furthered in a divided land.  I will never forget the concerts that we performed, and I will never forget the faces in the audiences that listened to the message of the Gospel.

- by Tyler Marwood, Junior Business Major

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