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Meet the Parents

Choosing a college can be an overwhelming process, for parents as well as students. And as with any major decision, it helps to hear from someone who’s been in your shoes. That’s why Geneva College has launched Meet the Parents, a series of regional receptions where families can hear the personal perspectives of current Geneva parents and students.

“When parents are helping their children decide on the best college, they look for input from many places and people. The parents of current students may be some of the best sources of information available,” says Louise Copeland, Geneva College’s director of parent relations. “Current parents have been through the choice process and have seen how their children have been able to thrive.”

So far, receptions have been held in the Erie, Monroeville, Lancaster and Philadelphia areas. Geneva College admissions counselors and staff attend each event to share information and answer questions.

Here is what a few parents, both of current and prospective students, had to say about the events:

  “I felt like I was at Geneva this morning! I thank God for you. God has met my daughter in so many ways through the folks at Geneva — one blessing after another!” 
  “Appreciate your coming to ‘us.’  Meeting people from our area I believe will prove to be helpful.” 
   “Thank you so much for a wonderful morning! It was very informative and spiritually uplifting. It was such a comfort to hear the stories.” 
  “This is an awesome program. I am thrilled to hear that Geneva is not just about getting a degree, but about growing into the person God intends you to be.” 

“More and more parents are indicating their desire to keep in closer contact with the college,” Copeland says. “They want to know what is going on, what types of opportunities are available for their students, and how they can be involved in what is happening on campus.” In response to this interest, the Office of Parent Relations is increasing parent communications and providing more opportunities for parent volunteers.

For more information about Meet the Parents or becoming a parent volunteer, contact Louise Copeland at 724-847-6661 or

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