Geneva College
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In November, Geneva introduced a new advertising and identity campaign: “Find your life’s purpose.” Appearing on outdoor boards, newspaper ads, printed and online materials, the new campaign calls college-bound students to “Come learn. Find Purpose. Go serve.”

“The message behind this campaign is, ‘come to Geneva College and receive an education from a Christian perspective that will help you discern the paths to fulfill your life’s purpose,’” says Geneva’s Vice President of Marketing Ed Vencio.

This pathways-to-purpose campaign is drawn from Geneva’s philosophy of Christian education found in The Foundational Concepts of Christian Education. According to the Foundational Concepts, “It is the purpose of Christian education to seek the realization of the potential of the individual as the image of God through the development of God-given capacities. The fulfillment of those potentialities is reached insofar as students devote those capacities to God’s glory in their vocations and daily lives.” 

Accepted in 1967 by the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America and the Geneva College Board of Trustees, The Foundational Concepts outline the basis for education at Geneva, which is rooted in Christianity and built in the tradition of the Reformed faith.

Geneva will continue to maintain the positioning tag line it has used in recent years:  “Deep learning. Growing Faith. Real Life.” 

“While the paths-to-purpose campaign presents the outcome for the student,” Vencio explains, “our positioning line describes the type of education students get at Geneva. That remains the same.”

Outdoor board locations presenting the paths-to-purpose message are located at: south-bound Route 60 in Moon Township; east-bound turnpike before the Zelienople rest stop, Fifth Avenue at the Mellon Arena in downtown Pittsburgh; and Route 422 in Butler.

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