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Tom Bova: The Voice of the Golden TornadoesIf you have visited Geneva College to attend a basketball game in the past 14 years, you have undoubtedly heard the voice of Tom Bova. Bova has been working as the “voice of the Golden Tornadoes” since 1994. His connection to the college, however, goes much deeper.

During his time as a public address announcer, Bova has worked football, basketball, track and field, volleyball, softball and soccer games. He has become a fixture on campus since being hired to work the football games by former sports information director Bill Allman.

“I just walked into his office one day and asked if he needed help announcing games,” explains Bova. “He gave me a short script to read and immediately asked if I could start tomorrow.” No stranger to Beaver County, Bova is a life-long resident of the valley and grew up listening to announcing great Chick Wilson. During his childhood, Bova would curl up next to the radio to hear the legendary play-by-play man describe Geneva athletic events for WBVP. “I can still hear his voice and remember how excited I would get to hear Geneva games on the radio.”

It was Bova’s father, Tom, who first introduced him to Geneva College athletics. He also had a memorable Geneva College past. Tom Bova Sr. worked for Michael Baker Corporation as an architect and helped design Alexander Hall. “He loved Geneva College,” Bova says. “He would be so proud to know that I have enjoyed such a great run at the college. It certainly gives me a feeling of accomplishment knowing that I have sort of followed in his footsteps.”

Tom Bova Sr. passed away before seeing his son enroll as a student at Geneva College in 1974. After only one semester on campus, the young Bova left college to help support his mother.

“Tom Bova epitomizes all that is good about Geneva College,” says Sports Information Director Van Zanic. “This is a man that simply loves the Golden Tornadoes and would do anything to help this school succeed. As an announcer he is a true professional and one of the most loyal people I have encountered during my 11 years as a Geneva College employee.”

So next time you attend a Geneva College sporting event and hear the announcer say, “Welcome to Geneva College,” you can be sure that the message is sincere. Tom Bova has become as much a part of Golden Tornadoes athletics as the players and coaches themselves. One of finest announcers you will ever hear, he is an even better person. He is simply the “voice of the Golden Tornadoes.”

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