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Online course adds flexibility to M.Ed. program

In the summer of 2009, the Geneva College Department of Education will offer its first online course. While the department has offered several hybrid classes (combining online and in-class components) in the past, the new summer graduate course will be entirely computer-based.

“There are certain courses that lend themselves more to an online format,” says Dr. Gayle Copeland, professor and chair of the education department. Many education classes, especially at the undergraduate level, include a practicum component that must be completed in the field. But since graduate students already hold their teaching credentials, some of their classes can be modified to fit an online classroom.

 “We have received a lot of requests for these classes from students,” Copeland says. “And the online courses will allow a little bit more flexibility for teachers who work throughout the year.”

Advanced Foundations of Education (EDU 502) will examine the roles and goals of schooling in American society; the effects of schools on society and vice versa; the social relationships within schools, such as teachers and students; the connections between education and the economic and political systems and culture of the United States; and recent efforts and proposals for educational reform. The course will analyze these issues from a Christian perspective.

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