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A message from the Geneva Alumni Council

Join the Student-Alumni connectionAs one of Geneva's alumni, you share a common bond with the students who are on campus today. You also have unique experiences and insights that can encourage them as they look for God's calling in their lives.

The Geneva Student-Alumni Connection program connects current students with alumni for fellowship, networking and encouragement. The Geneva Alumni Council would like to match each volunteer alumni member with a freshman and ask that they correspond through written mail or e-mail for one semester.

You will be asked to provide some basic information about yourself so that we can match you with a student that has a similar background or interests. Once we have found a match for you, we will send you the name and campus address of your student, as well as some basic guidelines and program details.

For more information or to be matched with a student, contact Geneva Alumni Council members Wendy Allman ’91 at or Trudi Dunlap ’99 at This is the first year for the Geneva Student-Alumni Connection program, and we appreciate your help and feedback toward making it a success.

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