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When violence, natural disaster or crisis strikes a community, the church is often the first place people turn for help and comfort. The Center for Church-based Human Services and CARE (the Christ-centered Application of Research and Education), also known as Church CARE, provides resources, education and training to equip churches to meet these challenges when they arise.

On November 14 and 15, Church CARE is partnering with Geneva College to provide a two-day conference on the role of the church in human services and behavioral health care. The first day of the conference will be held at Allegheny Center Alliance Church in Pittsburgh, then move to Geneva College for the second day.

“We see this conference as step one in addressing on a large scale issues of community violence, and church preparedness for natural disasters and other crises,” says Dr. Cathy Sigmund, professor of psychology, counseling and human services at Geneva and chair of the Church CARE governing board.

Church CARE is a collaborative of churches, Christian human service professionals, and faith-based organizations with a common commitment: helping families and communities suffering from trauma, community violence, alcohol or substance abuse, poverty, homelessness, victimization and other human services issues.

Dr. Cathy Sigmund 
Dr. Cathy Sigmund is a professor at Geneva and chair of the Church CARE governing board.

“Our mission is really about unity — unity to extend Christ into the community via human services ministry and the education we provide to churches.” says Sigmund. “We believe that the church is Christ’s extension of Himself to the community. By providing churches with education and human services training, we hope to better equip them to reach out and address the serious needs in their communities.”

Sigmund notes that the CARE acronym is intended to reflect Christians’ duty to model Christ in caring for others. While particularly evident in hands-on ministry, this same level of care is required in ministry that involves academics, research, education and professional areas of expertise.

In addition to providing a network of support for areas churches, Church CARE provides participants with a wide range of programs and services, including human services seminars, certification programs, cultural competence training, church mediation services and the Ministry to Ministers Program.

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