Geneva College
This is a class where students actually visit this familiar-feeling yet completely foreign place...spacer.gif

puerto_rico_1.jpg...for eight days. The layout of the course is brilliant, allowing students to experience Puerto Rico in deep ways. Before the actual traveling during spring break, students learn the history, social aspects and thought processes typical in Puerto Rico, as well as the geography of the island. All of these things, as orderly as possible, are thrown at the students to give them an understanding before they go and actually experience these things in Puerto Rico.

With all of this as background, the students go to the island to begin what will be one of the biggest experiences of their lives. At ten in the evening the students step out of the airport to have the heat breeze over their faces. If the culture was lacking in its ability to shock the students, this deep breath of warm air is enough to feel different.

puerto_rico_2.jpgThe mixture of seeing both English and Spanish on the signs is a joyous reminder of being somewhere new. Over the next few days the students visit two small towns where they ride horses on the beach, visit the Camuy caves, chill on the beach, visit the Arecibo satellite, take in more sun, go snorkeling in the ocean, splash the nighttime water of a phosphorous bay, observe and talk to the people of Puerto Rico, explore Old San Juan (a town filled with history and art) and create a bond by the love of God's will among the students.

This once-in-a-lifetime experience leaves students wishing to return and enjoy the island again—and to help the people and the land. There is an education towards being stewards of God's world that is unknown to the island in a lot of ways.

            —Janet Chamberlain

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