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ecuador_child.jpgSpring break was marked by eye-opening travels for many Geneva students.

Some headed to Alabama, Mississippi or New Orleans. Others flew to Jamaica, Ecuador or Mexico. In total, at least 15 Geneva-related trips occurred last month, with many students opting for experiences that hardly can be described by the term "break."

Sixteen students traveled to Quito, Ecuador, including junior writing major Brooke Prokopchak. The group worked with a local evangelical church, helping primarily with construction projects, and also interacted with village children. Read Prokopchak's reflection about the trip.

Becky Case, director of Geneva's Pisgah Program, spent her spring break in the Florida Everglades with a group of 11 people. They camped, canoed, enjoyed God's creation and shared their life journeys as they journeyed from island to island in the Gulf of Mexico:

"Almost anything really worth knowing and living takes time," wrote Case. "God's slow and steady work was evident...themes of who God is and who we are, taken from the later part of Isaiah and the writings of Brennan Manning, laid a solid foundation for reorienting our focus and checking our bearings. Navigating among 10,000 islands definitely necessitates a compass and map.

"One of the most tangibly redemptive pieces of the trip was the privilege we had of restoring an island on which others had carelessly destroyed the pristine wilderness environment. This involved disassembling a large fire pit full of broken and melted glass, picking up trash, properly disposing of human excrement...this was an act of worship, an active reclamation process of the creation we have been entrusted with. What a great learning encounter concerning how we deal with not only our own trash and sin but the trash and sin of others as well."

Dr. Paul Kilpatrick led an eighth trip to Puerto Rico as part of a course titled the same. Junior Janet Chamberlain was one of 19 students on the trip. Read an excerpt from Chamberlain's words about the experience.

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