Geneva College

Biblical Studies Major

Click here to visit the Geneva College Bible department Web page. The Biblical Studies major seeks to equip students to use the Bible fruitfully in life and ministry by challenging them to think Christianly, ultimately enabling them to succeed in biblical studies at the graduate level or to enhance other disciplines. Our curriculum delivers a balance of theology and practical application, from a Reformed Christian perspective.

Bible Day

Why choose biblical studies at Geneva College?

  • Prepare for seminary or graduate school
  • Develop a deeper love for the Scriptures and dig into them more deeply.
  • Prepare to serve as a lay-leader in the church
  • Biblical studies as a second major will further prepare you to think "Christianly" about your chosen discipline, whether it be Chemistry, Business, Psychology, etc.

Some classes you might take

  • Old Testament Prophecy
  • World Christian Movement
  • Christian Understanding of Life
  • Evangelism
  • Methods of Teaching the Bible

What can you do with a biblical studies degree?

A few opportunities include:

  • Pastor
  • Teacher
  • Youth director
  • Church layleader
  • Higher education

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