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Biology Major

Visit the Biology DepartmentThe goal of the biology major at Geneva College is for students to grow in their understanding of living things — their structures, functions, regulation and interrelatedness. We also desire that they come to value the natural world as God’s creation, which He rules by His providence and over which He has mandated us to be caretakers.

We aim to help our students gain skill in experimental design and interpretation, in communication, in using scientific literature, and in relating Biblical principles of ethics to medical and environmental problems. Finally, we want them to apply their knowledge, values and skills, with excellence, toward their specific callings as servant-leaders in God’s world.


   Cell and Molecular Biology
   Environmental Biology
   Human Biology  

Allied Health Programs
   Biomedical Research 
   Medical Technology
   Pre-Occupational Therapy
   Pre-Physical Therapy
   Pre-Physician Assistant

Why choose biology at Geneva College?

  • Modern, up-to-date biology
  • Cutting-edge courses, such as Neuroscience, Genomics, Immunology, Virology and Biomedical Ethics
  • Exposure to some of the most recent discoveries in biology as reported in journals such as Science and Nature
  • Integration of Christian faith that will transform your understanding of biology, from your first semester to your senior paper
  • Flexibility in changing career goals up until junior year
  • Room in the schedule for a minor. You don’t need to choose one area of the other — you can do both! For example: major in biology, minor in chemistry (three additional courses); major in biology, minor in psychology (18 additional credits); major in biology, minor in missions (18 additional credits)
  • Preparation for a wide variety of professional programs
  • Labs equipped for electrophoresis, Western blot, polymerase chain reaction, tissue culture, centrifugation, lyophilization, and computerized data acquisition of human physiology indicators among other techniques
  • Independent studies designed for particular career goals, e.g., pharmacology, exercise physiology, microbial ecology.

Internships and other opportunities include:

  • Lab assistant
  • Mentor for freshmen transition course
  • Animal care assistant
  • Summer on-campus research
  • Off-campus summer undergraduate research programs
  • Practica/internships for medical missions with organizations such as Gateway Hospice
  • Medical experience at the Lawndale Summer Medical Project in urban Chicago
  • Summer courses at the AuSable Institute of Environmental Studies in Michigan

Examples of career opportunities

With a B.S. degree only:

  • Lab technician
  • Park naturalist
  • Cardiovascular technologist
  • Medical technologist
  • High school biology teacher
  • Nurse
  • Pharmaceutical sales

With two to three years of additional study:

  • Physical therapist
  • Physician assistant
  • Occupational therapist
  • Science writer
  • Epidemiologist
  • Genetic counselor
  • Forensic scientist
  • Pharmaceutical researcher

With four or more years of graduate study:

  • M.D., D.O., D.P.M., D.D.S., O.D., D.M.D.
  • D.V.M.
  • Ph.D

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