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Biopsychology Major
  Psychology, Counseling, and Human Services Department

Biology Department 

Recent advances in the understanding of brain function and how it relates to behavior have led to the emergence, development and rapid expansion of a new interdisciplinary scientific field of biopsychology.

A major objective for this discipline is to provide a deeper understanding of how the physiology of the body functions in behavior, and also how defects in such function affect behavior. Geneva’s biopsychology major is a joint effort of the college’s biology and psychology departments.

This degree program is designed to engage the area of neuroscience with Christian critique, discernment and dialogue thereby advancing Geneva College’s mission of training students to be used by God to engage and transform modern culture. 

The current academic climate in the biopsychology field is strongly reflective of evolutionary and reductionist philosophy, which claims a naturalistic explanation for all biological and behavioral phenomena.  At Geneva College, we want to join the conversation and bring the metaphysical reality of the triune God to bear on the explanations of mind and body. 

Why choose biopsychology at Geneva College?

  • Incorporate biology and neuroscience, Christian faith and psychology into one area of study. 
  • Explore the relations between mind and body.
  • Critique the methods, experimental design and interpretation of research in the field. 
  • Build the necessary Biblical and philosophical background, integrated with scientific expertise, to fully engage current scholarship in the field.
  • Lab equipment includes a broad array of behavioral testing devices for rats and mice, and a variety of recording devices for human neurological testing (EEG, EMG. etc). 
  • The program uses an IACUC approved animal care facility and has the necessary equipment and instruments for experiments in cellular and molecular neurobiology.
  • Students have access to 21 computer workstations dedicated solely to the biology and psychology departments for research, data collection and statistical analysis. 

Classes you will take include:

  • Psychology courses with a developmental and biological approach
  • Biology courses dealing with humans and/or animals at the genetic and molecular levels

Examples of career opportunities

Entry-level positions at:

  • Pharmaceuticals or health product companies
  • Federal, state and local public health programs
  • Agencies conducting biomedical research

Graduate training in:

  • Cognitive neuroscience
  • Behavioral neuroscience
  • Human factors psychology
  • Genetic Counseling

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Danny Hitchcock, Psychology Department
Dr. David Essig, Biology Department

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