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Fully Online Summer 2014 - Session 1 - June 1 to July 31
(check the courses below that you would like to register for)
 SCS 215 - Earth & Space Science KE
 PSS 201 – Introduction to Psychology KE
 ACE 150 – Fundamentals of Accounting KE
 HUM 119 –Humanities from the Renaissance to the Present KE
 HUM 118 – Classical and Christian Cultures KE
 BIB 112 – Old Testament Survey KE
 ACE 155 – Faith and Money KE
 PSS 105 – Priorities, Goals, and Attitude KE
 EGL 101 - English Composition (TBA: 2 face-to-face sessions)
Classroom Summer 2014 - Session 1 (May 7 - July 15)
(check the courses below that you would like to register for)
  SCS 105 - Environmental Science - Main Campus Beaver Falls
  BBL 303 - The Pentateuch - Main Campus Beaver Falls
  HUM 119 - Renaissance to the Present—Main Campus Beaver Falls
BBL 112 - Old Testament Survey - Main Campus Beaver Falls
Classroom Summer 2014 - Session 2 (July 2 - August 20)
(check the courses below that you would like to register for)
  PSS 313 - Abnormal Psychology—Main Campus Beaver Falls
  BIB 113 - Introduction to the New Testament - Main Campus Beaver Falls
Hybrid Online Summer 2014 - Session 2 (July-August 20)
(check the courses below that you would like to register for)
 EGL 101 English Composition—hybrid online/face-to-face
Offered every semester

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Tuition is $433 per credit. The cost of books and shipping within the U.S. is included. To apply for financial aid, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at Geneva's school code is 003267. Our Financial Aid Office will prepare an individualized financial aid package for you. Enrollment in hybrid online and fully online courses may impact your Pennsylvania state grant (PHEAA) eligibility. We will nominate you for the PHEAA Online Pilot Program and you will be notified by PHEAA if you are eligible. Because of limited PHEAA funding, though, we cannot guarantee your state grant eligibility for online courses.

Adult Degree Programs Withdrawal and Refund Policy
Students enrolled at Geneva College through Adult Degree Programs may withdraw before the course start date and receive a 100% refund. From and including the course start date through the 7th calendar day after the course start date, students may receive a 60% refund. Withdrawal on or after the 8th calendar day after the course start date receives no refund. After a student registers for a course or program, he or she remains registered. Charges will continue to accrue until the ADP Office receives notice of withdrawal in writing. Written notice of withdrawal can be sent to the ADP Office at

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Geneva College | 3200 College Ave., Beaver Falls, PA 15010