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Chemistry Major

deptlink-chem-math-phys.jpgAs chemists who adhere to the Christian faith, our goal is to explore our mandate to be stewards of creation, and specifically, to recognize the hand of God in the intricate details of matter. The closer we look at what God has made, the more wonderful we find it to be. Chemists study existing substances and work to create new substances, in an effort to contribute to better understanding and appreciation of our world, and to meet human needs creatively and responsibly.

Why choose chemistry at Geneva College?

  • Since 1958, Geneva‚Äôs chemistry program has been approved by the American Chemical Society-adistinction achieved by only six colleges in the Council for Christian Colleges (CCCU).
  • Independent research opportunities are available.
  • Modern Science & Engineering building includes Roy W. Adams Chemistry Center.
  • Extensive laboratory experience with additional opportunities for paid summer research.
  • Geneva chemistry graduates have done well in graduate programs at Johns Hopkins University, the University of Pittsburgh, Penn State University and others.
  • Join the Geneva Society of Chemists campus organization.
  • Gain professional experience through internships.

Classes you will take:

  • Organic Chemistry I and II
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • General College Chemistry
  • Quantitative Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry I and II
  • Advanced Laboratory
  • Instrumental Analysis

What can I do with a chemistry degree?

A B.S. in chemistry will prepare you for a career or graduate school in a variety of fields, such as:

  • Forensic chemistry
  • Industrial/manufacturing research
  • Healthcare research
  • Education
  • Medical or allied health schools
  • chemistry graduate school
  • Industrial customer service
  • Industrial management
  • Environmental analysis and monitoring

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