Impact of Conversion


Beginning on Friday, March 7 at 5 p.m., Geneva College will transition from our present administrative office software, Jenzabar TE, to a modern campus information system in Jenzabar EX, highlighted by the myGeneva portal. This is the culmination of 20 months of hard work, software/hardware upgrades and training by our college staff. This computer system conversion will prompt a system downtime for our administrative offices, which will extend from March 7 through our Go-Live with EX on or before March 24. This will impact Web Registration, Business Office functions and other office services during this window of time.

After the conversion is completed on March 24, we ask for your patience and understanding as our offices adjust to using this new software and its affect on office operations. There may be some glitches or delay in service, so we appreciate your consideration during this period of adjustment following Go-Live. In the next year, our staff will continue to work behind the scenes to improve business processes and enhance the new myGeneva portal, including the new eLearning Management System that will replace Blackboard.

Please review how this might affect you.

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At 5 p.m. on Friday, March 7, all offices will be prohibited from accessing Jenzabar TE or EX until notice is given. Upon notification that this transfer of data is completed, offices may either view or report from Jenzabar TE (AS/400). However, no new entries of data are allowed into either software package until after Data Validation is completed and notification occurs on or before March 19. After Go-Live Jenzabar TE on the AS400 will become an archive only, and all new data entries will be done in Jenzabar EX. After reading the impact on each office below, please contact the person noted by each group with any questions.



The Admissions Office will be able to service external inquiries and applicants as usual during this time. The deadline for ADP students to register for Bridge courses in Spring Session 2 is Friday, February 28. Any internal requests for updated reports or data information during this period will be processed after March 24.

ADP student login access to online courses is not affected.


Payroll - Steve Ross / Bill Nichols

Hourly payrolls will occur on the normal dates in March. However, the hourly payroll will be processed for the March 14 and March 28 pay dates based on the payroll department′s estimate of hours worked. All hourly pay adjustments for work performed different from the normal work time will be processed and paid in April 2014 or as soon as administratively possible. Timecards will need to be completed as usual and submitted promptly in order for payroll to make the proper corrections.

Salary payrolls will also occur on the normal dates in March. However, there will be no supplemental pay issued in March unless received by February 28. All supplemental pay submitted after February 28 will have to be processed and paid in April 2014 or as soon as administratively possible.

Student payrolls will occur on the normal dates in March. However, the time periods covered by two of the payrolls will be a little different. The first student payroll will not change. It will be on March 7 for the pay period ending February 10 - 23. For the pay period covering February 24 - March 9, two sets of timecards have been distributed-one set for each calendar week. The student payroll on March 21 will cover one timecard or one week of work (February 24 - March 2). These timecards must be submitted on Monday, March 3 or they will not be included on March 21 payroll. The student payroll on April 4 will cover the second weekly timecard (March 3-March 9), as well as the timecard for March 10 - 23, for a total of three weeks.

The Business Office apologizes for any inconvenience that these changes may cause. Staff members are trying their best to meet the needs of employees and students, and at the same time accommodate the timing of the EX conversion and the associated additional work required of the payroll department.

Accounts Payable - Steve Ross / Nancy Graham

Any items that require a check (invoices, purchase requisitions, check requests, expense reports, etc.) must be received in the Business Office by 10 a.m. on Thursday, March 6 in order to be paid before the Go-Live blackout. March 6 is the last day that checks will be run until Tuesday, March 25 or as soon as administratively possible. No student refunds will be paid during the Go-Live blackout. A large backlog of payments to process following the Go-Live blackout can be expected. Your patience and understanding are appreciated as the office works through this backlog in the new system following the Go-Live blackout.

Student Accounts - Steve Ross / Jennifer Fuoco

Starting Friday, March 7 at 5 p.m., the Business Office will not have access to any student account information. While student account information will be accessible at the beginning of business on Monday morning, March 10 from Jenzabar TE on the AS/400; only the information available on the old system up to the point of the Go-Live blackout will be reflected. While staff members will be able to answer questions regarding student accounts and take payments, they will not be able to apply payments to accounts until after the Go-Live blackout is completed. No student refunds will be issued until after the Go-Live blackout.

Cashier Desk

The cashier desk will be able to provide all normal services to faculty and staff during the Go-Live blackout including receiving deposits and cashing checks.

Budget and General Ledger - Diane Gayhart / Ruth Ann Hartzel

General ledger account information will be accessible as normal and questions will be able to be addressed accordingly. However, since the Business Office and Purchasing departments will not be processing any transactions during the Go-Live blackout, none of the general ledger account information that we access from the Jenzabar TE AS400 system will include any activity after the Go-Live blackout.

Purchasing - Steve Ross / Nancy Graham

Check requests and invoices can still be submitted for payment in the Business Office during the Go-Live blackout, but purchase requisitions cannot be submitted. None of the check requests and invoices will be processed for payment until the week of March 24 or as soon as administratively possible.

FINANCIAL AID - Dave Layton / Steve Bell

All financial aid disbursements/adjustments done between Friday, March 7 and Monday, March 24 will not be transmitted to the student′s account until after Go-Live (March 24). That means the Business Office will not see your new/adjusted financial aid awards until after Go-Live (March 24).

HUMAN RESOURCES - Scott Sharik / Tim Baird

New employees will be entered into the system after Go-Live beginning March 24. While new employees may begin employment during the blackout period, their initial salaries/wage payments will be delayed until April. Changes of information (such as rate of pay, position, address, and name) will be received but will not be processed until after Go-Live on March 24.

Benefit changes may be submitted and will be processed with our insurance carriers between March 7 and March 24 as usual. However, changes in payroll deductions will not be made until after Go-Live on March 24. Any necessary adjustments will be made to an employee′s pay as soon as possible after Go-Live.

Employees who wish to resign between March 7 and March 24 should notify Human Resources as soon as possible, prior to March 7.

REGISTRAR′S OFFICE - Jennifer Carter

  • The following forms will be accepted but no entries will be done in the computer system until after Go-Live on or before March 24: Add/Drops, Address Changes, Major and Minor Changes, Advisor Changes, Grade Entry, Grade Changes, and Name Changes.
  • Transcripts may be ordered but they will not reflect any changes made after March 7. Any changes to transcripts submitted after this date will not be entered until after Go-Live on or before March 24.
  • Verifications will be accepted and processed.
  • Please keep in mind, any information requested from the Registrar′s Office during the window of March 7 thru March 24 will only show computer updates done thru March 7.
  • Registration in the AS400 will stop after Friday, March 7 at 5 p.m.
  • May Term (May@Geneva) and summer registration will not be accessible on Web Registration after 5 p.m. on March 7. Changes can be done on paper and will be updated in the system on March 24.

STUDENT LIFE / RESIDENCE LIFE - Neil Best / Amy Corriher

Residence Life will be able to continue the majority of its operations, including printing ID cards. Housing changes (withdraws, resident status changes) for billing purposes will not be processed. Also, student charges for ID card replacements, fines, etc. will not be processed. Housing information for background checks will not be available. The Weekly Housing Stats report will also not be available to distribute.

TECHNOLOGY SERVICES - Joe Hines / Larry Wingard / Craig Lahtinen

Accounts - As we prepare for EX Go-Live Tech Services would like to prepare you for the anticipated loss of certain processes during the period March 7 to 19.

During that period we will not be able to generate student or faculty/staff accounts. The 400 is the primary source of account generation and changes will be locked out beginning March 7.

This means that new employees hired during that period will not have a login or email account generated. New students cannot have accounts generated.

If there is a class starting during the blackout period, accounts need to be generated prior to close of business on March 7. New employees will need to have their information in and processed prior to the blackout.

Please advise us if this will present problems to your operations.

Blackboard - Will remain operational during the conversion.

Web Registration - Will be available to view courses using the guest access. Users will be able to access their records including Mid Term Grades, unofficial transcripts, etc.; however, Business Office Student Accounts will NOT reflect any payments or refunds during the cut-over/Go-Live period.

AS400 - Will be made available for read only as soon as possible after the conversion window opens.


The Admissions Office will be able to service external inquiries and applicants as usual during this time. Any internal requests for updated reports or data information during this period will be processed after March 24.

Much work has gone into and will continue to go into the move the Jenzabar EX. While the transition poses challenges, everyone involved is looking forward to the benefits of the software upgrade and appreciates the patience of all students, faculty and staff.