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Admission Procedures

Application materials are available from the MA in Counseling Office (724-847-6697 or Provisional admissions status may be granted to students who meet most but not all criteria for full admission. Students applying to the MA in Counseling Program should be aware that, prior to the practicum and internship, they will be required to complete PA State Police and FBI records checks to determine whether they have felony convictions or any record of child abuse perpetration. Applicants are asked to submit the following:

  1. A completed application for admission
  2. Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. Applicants are expected to have graduated with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 or above. Students with less than a 3.0 average may be accepted provisionally if they meet other admission criteria.
  3. A typed, well-written essay in which applicants describe career goals and reasons for applying to a graduate professional counseling program with a Christian faith-based foundation.
  4. Three professional recommendations from academic or employer references, not related to the applicant, who are able to address the applicant’s academic and work-related ability, performance, and potential.
  5. A resume of education and professional experiences.

Admissions Process:

Applications are accepted throughout the year on a rolling admissions basis. Although most students begin their studies in the fall, some applicants also are accepted for spring or summer admission. Admissions decisions are based on multiple criteria. Prospective applicants are rated according to the following:

  1. Academic background and aptitude
  2. Interpersonal skills which include the ability to relate to others in individual and small-groups contexts
  3. Work-related experiences
  4. Compatibility between personal career goals and program goals.

Personal or phone admission interviews are conducted by MA in Counseling Programs faculty and/or staff members. The review of applications is made by an admission committee comprised of MA in Counseling faculty members. The review is a qualitative process that balances multiple criteria against each other. A decision to admit a student is based on the belief of program faculty that the applicant has the potential a) to contribute to the counseling field and b) to succeed in the program, promoting their own growth and not impeding progress of other students.

Admissions, School Counseling Program:

Transcripts will be evaluated by the School Counseling Program Coordinator to determine whether students have completed two math courses, one American or English literature course, and one English Composition course as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). The PDE requires that all students have completed these courses prior to being recommended by the college for certification. Courses needed to respond to any deficiencies become required hours in the student’s planned program. All course work in English literature and mathematics must be completed before candidates are eligible for certification.

Admissions: Statistics Competency:

Basic statistics competency is a prerequisite for CNS 505 (Testing and Appraisal) and CNS 512 (Research Methods and Program Evaluation), both of which are required courses for students in the MA Counseling Program. This competency can be met in one of three ways: (1) by successfully completing CNS 504 (Statistics) as a student in the MA Counseling Program, (2) by providing evidence of having earned a grade of B- or better in an approved undergraduate statistics class in the last 5 years, or (3) by earning a score of 80% or better in the final exam of Geneva’s undergraduate psychological statistics class. Students should note that both general statistics knowledge and applied statistical practices (such as program evaluation, research methods, and psychometrics) constitute 25% of the content of the National Counselors Exam which is required for licensure. Students who are eligible to waive CNS 504 and do so, will take another 3-credit elective course in order to meet the 60-hour requirement.


Students applying to the MA in Counseling Programs should be aware that, prior to their practicum and internship, they will be required to complete PA State Police and FBI records checks to determine whether they have felony convictions or any record of child abuse. These are referred to as Act 33 and 34 and FBI fingerprint clearances.

Provisional Status:

Provisional admissions status may be granted to students who meet most but not all criteria for full admission. Following the successful completion of 12-27 credits, provisional students will be evaluated by the MA in Counseling faculty for full admission to the program. Provisional students will not be permitted to enroll for more than 27 credits in provisional status, and are not eligible to register for the required practicum until they have full admission status.

Non-degree Status:

Students who wish to schedule graduate classes in counseling but are not interested in completing a master’s degree in counseling may take up to 12 credits in non-degree status. Non-degree students are admitted on a space-available basis and are not eligible to enroll in a supervised practicum or internship. Non-degree students are not permitted to take more than 6 credits per semester.


Point of Excellence

Average class size is 17 students.

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