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Transfer of Academic Credits

Transfer of Academic Credit at the Time of Initial Admission to the Masters in Counseling Programs:

The Masters in Counseling Programs are designed as a complete package. Students who have taken graduate courses in counseling at other accredited colleges and universities within the past ten years may request approval to transfer these credits by completing a Transfer Credit Evaluation which is printed in the Appendix of the MA in Counseling Student Handbook. Students may transfer up to nine credits at the time of initial enrollment in the Geneva College Masters in Counseling Programs. Along with the Transfer Credit Evaluation, students are asked to also submit official transcripts and course syllabi. For courses transferred at the time of initial enrollment, credits will be transferred; however course grades will not appear on the Geneva College transcript and will not be calculated into the student's graduate grade point average (GPA).

Transfer of Academic Credit by Currently Admitted Degree-Seeking Students:

After initial application to the program, students may request transfer up to three credits of graduate courses in counseling from other accredited colleges and universities. Students must obtain prior approval by completing the Application to Take Coursework Elsewhere form which is printed in the Appendix of the MA in Counseling Student Handbook. The total number of credits transferred from other colleges and universities, either at entry, or later in the program, should not exceed nine. Following course completion, students must submit official transcripts college registrar.  It also should be noted that students will not be admitted to degree candidacy nor will they be permitted to enroll in the practicum until they have completed at least twelve credits of graduate counseling coursework at Geneva College.  Only courses for which a grade of B or better has been given will be accepted in transfer to the MA in Counseling Program.   According to most recent college policy, both the grade and the credit will be transferred to Geneva. In addition, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (Chapter 354) requires that any and all courses taken by School counseling students must be included in the student’s career GPA for certification purposes. In addition, the following regulations which are in accordance with College Policy as stated in the 2011-2012 College Catalog apply for course transferred to Geneva College following initial enrollment.

  • Ordinarily only credits earned at regionally accredited institutions or, in the case of international transfers, nationally approved institutions will be accepted as transfer credit.   
  • Courses transferred from another institution will be counted in the same semester that the credit-granting institution that granted the credit designated the course.
  • In order to replace a grade for a course previously completed at Geneva, the course must be repeated at Geneva (i.e., the grade for a course taken at another institution cannot replace the grade that a student earned for the same course at Geneva).
  • Requests for exceptions to any of the above policies must be made in writing to the academic dean. Usually, the academic dean will consult with the appropriate department chair, the faculty adviser (when appropriate), and the registrar before granting any exception request.


Point of Excellence

A great majority of Geneva students – 70% – complete internships during the course of their study.

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