Criminal Justice Minor

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A Criminal Justice minor helps students develop the knowledge and background necessary to understand the origins of criminal behavior, the consequences of crime for society, and how societies seek to respond to crime. The minor is not intended to provide students with technical skills used in law enforcement. Rather, the minor seeks to help students probe the deeper questions of how we determine what behaviors should be criminalized, what caused those behaviors, and how societies respond to those behaviors. It also seeks to help the student evaluate criminal justice systems from a Christian perspective.

This minor is a good complement to majors in a variety of fields, especially those in the social sciences, and enhances employment opportunities in the field of criminal justice.

Course of Study (18 credits)

SSC 210 Crime, Law, and Society (3 credits)
SOC 242 Criminology (3 credits)
SSC 310 Criminal Justice (3 credits)
Choose three of the following:
POL 305 Cultural Anthropology (3 credits)
POL 332 or POL 342 Topics in Comparative Politics or Topics in International Relations (3 credits)
POL 360 Public Administration (3 credits)
HSV 202 Human Diversity (3 credits)
PSY 313 Abnormal Psychology (3 credits)
PSY 408 Social Psychology (3 credits)
SOC 310 Deviance and Marginalization (3 credits)
SSC 493 Internship in Criminal Justice (3 credits)
No more than two of these may be in the same department and no course from this list may be used in both this minor and the student′s first major.