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The Cardiovascular Science (CVS) Program combines Geneva College’s Christ-centered, ministry-focused curriculum in biology with training at one of the leading cardiovascular institutes in the country.

Geneva’s CVS program offers a combined BS/MS degree in cardiovascular sciences, beginning with three years on Geneva’s beautiful Beaver Valley campus, followed by two years at Inova Heart and Vascular Institute (IHVI) in Falls Church, Virginia, outside Washington DC.  Students have the opportunity to earn their BS in biology as well as earn a certificate in cardiovascular sciences after one year at IHVI.  After the second year, students earn their MS in cardiovascular science.  Students who already have their B.S. in biology or other related disciplines can earn their certificate in cardiovascular science after one year of at IHVI and their MS in cardiovascular science after two years.

Cardiovascular technologists (CVTs) are highly educated and skilled allied health professionals who work under the supervision of a cardiologist in the cardiac catheterization laboratory setting. CVS was recognized by the American Medical Association as a profession in the early 1970s. Over the last 30 years, the development of professional societies, credentialing organizations, and allied health training programs has helped to promote this profession. During this time the CVS profession has become known for its vital support role in the growing trend toward non-surgical solutions for a variety of cardiovascular diseases.

Geneva’s program trains CVTs in the area of invasive cardiovascular science. This includes those procedures which involve the insertion of a catheter into blood vessels or other devices like a pacemaker. Non-invasive cardiovascular science is limited to procedures such as echocardiography.  

As the scope of invasive cardiovascular science expands to include the relatively new field of electrophysiology, many CVTs are now seeking training to assist the cardiologist in procedures outside the realm of traditional invasive cardiology which treat abnormalities in heart rhythms. These procedures are part of a relatively new subfield of cardiology termed cardiac electrophysiology.  For example, this might involve the insertion of a pacemaker or laser surgery on the electrical system of the heart muscle. The improving success rate of such procedures has caused hospital case loads to steadily grow, not only at the IHVI, but in other hospitals nationwide. Given this demand, development of more formal and accredited educational programs to train CVTs in these procedures is desired. Geneva’s program is committed to training excellent servant-leaders to meet this growing need in the medical field, equipping them to serve in such areas as healthcare management, finance, biostatistics, end ethics.

Geneva College’s program is distinctive because it intentionally integrates faith and learning. The two year program begins with training in the field of traditional invasive cardiology the first year and adds training in the growing field of electrophysiology along with courses in Healthcare Management, Finance, Ethics and Statistics during the second year.  It is the only program in the country to offer an MS in Cardiovascular Science.

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