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B.S./M.S. Cardiovascular Sciences

Students who are seeking to earn the B.S./M.S. in Cardiovascular Sciences spend their first three years at Geneva. During that time the student completes 94 semester hours including all general requirements for the B.S. degree including at least 27 hours of biology, eight hours of organic chemistry, and eight hours of physics. Cardiovascular students take all the required courses for the biology major except the six hours of electives and BIO 420 (for more information on the biology major refer to the College Catalog). In their senior year (year 04) and year 05 students take the following courses at the IHVI campus in Falls Church, VA:

Year 04   
Fall Semester   
  CVS 405/505  Introduction to the Medical Environment (1 h) 
  CVS 410/510  Cardiovascular Anatomy and Physiology I (3 h) 
  CVS 415/515  Monitoring Instrumentation and Techniques (3 h) 
  CVS 420/520  Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory:  Practices and Procedures I (3 h) 
  CVS 525/525  Gas Exchange and Fluid Balance (3 h) 
  CVS 430/530  Electrophysiology and Electrocardiology (2 h) 
  CVS 435/535  Clinical Laboratory Information and Instrumentation I (1 h) 
  CVS 450/550  Cardiovascular Pharmacology I (1 h) 
  CVS 440/540  Clinical Applications Practice (1 h) (Clinical Practice)* 
Spring Semester   
  CVS 411/511  Cardiovascular Anatomy and Physiology II (3 credits) 
CVS 421/521 Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory: Practices and Procedures I (3 h)
CVS 436/536 Clinical Laboratory Information and Instrumentation II (1 h)
CVS 451/551 Cardiovascular Pharmacology II (1 h)
CVS 455/555 Basic Cardiac Life Support (1 h)
CVS 441/541 Clinical Practice  (8 h)* 
Summer Semester
CVS 412/512 Cardiovascular Anatomy and Physiology III (3 h)
CVS 432/532 Medical and Surgical Treatment of Cardiac Disease  (2 h)
CVS 442/542 Clinical Practice (12 credits)
Year 05
Fall Semester
CVS 613 Arrhythmia mechanisms, diseases and management (3 h)
CVS 615 Electrophysiology Laboratory: Practices & Procedures I (3 h)
CVS 610 Cardiac Pacing and Defibrillator Technology (3 h)
CVS 640 Clinical Practice (8 h)
Spring Semester
CVS 620 Advanced EP Procedures and Technology I (3 h)
CVS 622 Epidemiology & Biostatistics (3 h)
CVS 624 Financial Implications in Healthcare (3 h)
CVS 626 Principles of Health Care Management (3 h)
CVS 642 Clinical Practice (8 h)
Summer Semester
CVS 630 Advanced EP Procedures and Technology II (2 h)
CVS 650 Ethical Issues in Health Care (3 h)
CVS 690 Research Project (3 h)
CVS 642 Clinical Practice (12 h)



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Psychology students present work at regional conferences annually.

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