Geneva College

Computer Engineering Degree

Engineering and Computer Science Department

Geneva College offers a Computer Engineering concentration within its general Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree. Computer engineers design, manufacture, and maintain computers and digital systems, including hardware and software, Internet hardware such as servers and switches, and operating systems.

Computer Engineering Careers

Computer engineers find careers in consumer and industrial electronics, computer systems, research, information technology, control systems, or information systems.

Program Requirements

In addition to Geneva and general engineering core classes, students in the Computer Engineering concentration take classes in mathematics, science, and computer engineering. Example computer engineering courses include:

  • Digital Systems (CPE 220)
  • Microprocessor Systems (CPE 303)
  • Advanced Digital Logic (CPE 304)
  • Software Engineering (CPE 306)
  • Operating Systems (CPE 333)
  • Networks (CPE 450)
  • Computer Security (CPE 452)
  • Embedded Systems (CPE 490)
  • Digital Signal Processing (ELE 440)

If you are looking for computer engineering schools in Pennsylvania, we invite you to contact Geneva College for more information.