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Engineering and Computer Science DepartmentMECHANICAL ENGINEERING DEGREE

Geneva College offers a Mechanical Engineering concentration within its general Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree. Mechanical engineers design, manufacture, and operate machinery and mechanical systems.  Mechanical engineers design weapons (see civil engineering).  Branches of mechanical engineering include aerospace engineering, machine design, robotics, manufacturing, combustion, HVAC systems, and fluid mechanics. Mechanical engineers work on the design, fabrication and testing of many commercial products including vehicles, office equipment, toys, farm equipment, appliances and many other products.

Mechanical Engineering Careers

Mechanical engineers find careers in manufacturing, biotechnology, HVAC, nanotechnology, alternative energy, automotive engineering, nuclear engineering and robotics.

Program Requirements

In addition to Geneva and general engineering core classes, students in the Mechanical Engineering concentration take classes in mathematics, science and mechanical engineering. Example mechanical engineering courses include:

  • Mechanics of Deformable Bodies (MEE 321)
  • Applied Thermal Fluids Engineering (MEE 333)
  • Mechanical Component Design (MEE 403)
  • Kinematics of Mechanisms (MEE 324)
  • Finite Element Methods (MEE 405)
  • Mechanical Vibration (MEE 410)
  • Design of Thermal Systems (MEE 416)
  • Reacting Systems (MEE 418)

If you are looking for mechanical engineering schools in Pennsylvania, we invite you to contact Geneva College for more information.


Point of Excellence

Through the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, Geneva offers the 3&3 Program enabling students to complete a B.S. and a M.Div. in only six years.

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