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Electronics Recycling

“E-waste,” as it is being called, is a growing problem in our country, estimated as growing three times faster than other solid wastes. But a lot of people don't know that they can or should recycle their cell phones or MP3 players.  Here are three important reasons to do so:

  1. Many parts of an old TV or cell-phone can be reused. If you take electronics to an appropriate place they can be taken apart and some components can be reused.
  2. The same advantages that apply to general recycling also apply to our electronics: decreased pollution, lower energy usage, reducing the need for landfill space and reducing the consumption of raw materials.
  3. Electronics contain more hazardous materials than most people realize, such as mercury, lead, beryllium and cadmium. These chemicals will seep into the ground at a regular landfill and contaminate the earth and ground water. It is also shown that long term exposure to cadmium, a metal used inside cell phones and computers, can cause cancer.

Geneva’s Electronics Recycling Program

Recycling bins for electronics, batteries and ink cartridges are located on the ground level of S&E.

Printer Ink cartridges (all types)

Batteries (all types)

Small electronics items 

  • Cell phones & Desk phones
  • Gaming devices & PDAs
  • Keyboards, Mouses
  • Audio & Video equipment
  • Cords, Cables & Wiring

If you have larger electronics items to recycle, please contact the physical plant office at X 5500. 

  • Computers towers
  • Computer monitors
  • VCR’s
  • printers

The Geneva recycling program does not accept TV’s .  Please contact the Beaver County Recycling Center (see below) about recycling TV’s. 

Some large companies make it easier and more beneficial for people to recycle their old electronics. Best Buy stores provide recycling bins for various e-waste items. Apple has been recycling used iPods and refurbishing them for re-sale online. Office Max and other stores give customers a discount on ink if they bring in old ink cartridges. Some places take your old electronics that are still working and donate them to people who can't afford to buy them new.

Helpful websites

  1. The EPA and GreenerGadgets provide resources to help you better understand the recycling process and find ways to recycle.
  2. The Beaver County Recycling Center, located in Brady’s Run Park, accepts computers, monitors, TV's, VCR's, printers and ink cartridges (fee applies to some items).
  3. Gazelle - Type in the item you wish to recycle and the website will tell you its value and ask if you would like to accept or to donate your earnings to a charity. They will then provide you with a pre-paid postage box so you can mail the item to them.
  4. Search Earth911 to find a recycling center or business near you that accepts particular items (ink cartridges, cell phones, computer monitors, other electronic devices, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL’s), batteries, yard waste, and much more.) When you visit the website click on "Search for what's available in your neighborhood" to find a recycling location.


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Geneva has a larger percentage of senior faculty than most U.S. colleges, with 45% being full professors compared to the national average of 25%.
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