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Financial Literacy Resources

Do you have questions about your student loan debt, or managing your finances while in college or beyond graduation? We’re here to help. Schedule an appointment with financial aid today ( or 724.847.6530) or consider the resources below!

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General Resources

Credit Report Resources

Loan Repayment Resources

  • find the details of your federal student loans and who you repay
  • easily estimate your monthly loan payments and consider the total cost of each option
  • get loan details and loan forgiveness and consolidation info
  • great tools and calculators to help with loan repayment, debt, budgeting, saving, and consolidation
  • : Use this Wage Estimator/Debt tool to estimate how much you can afford to borrow and what your starting salary may need to be

Loan Consolidation Resources

Tax Resources

Federal Taxes:

  • There is an IRS Volunteer's Income Tax Assistance Program which offers free federal tax filing by volunteers in the community. You can contact the Business Department (724.847.6615) to find out if Geneva students are participating this year. You  may also call 1.800.906.9887 to find the center nearest you. Log into and use the Free-File method to complete your federal tax return (if eligible).
  • Check with the Geneva College Business Department, libraries, and community centers in your area to see if they host volunteer events where accounting students and tax preparers help fill out tax returns free of charge.
  • Visit to see if you qualify for free electronic federal filing.
  • If your income is $50,000 or less, you can use the IRS’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program. Call 1.800.906.9887 to find the center nearest you.

State Taxes (PA):

Local Taxes (Beaver Falls): Contact Berkheimer:<>


Point of Excellence

Washington Monthly ranks Geneva among the nation’s top ten “Best-Bang-for-the-Buck” baccalaureate colleges for providing students the highest chance of graduating with an affordable degree that has marketplace value.

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