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Successful Ministry Preparation

A new, completely online major in Christian ministry leadership is now available through Geneva College's Adult Degree Completion Program (ADCP), an accelerated undergraduate program for adults who have some college and/or work experience. This accredited bachelor’s degree taught by Geneva faculty focuses on developing Christian leaders to serve in church or para-church ministries.

Scott ShidemantleThe degree also provides solid preparation for those considering post-graduate work in seminary. Rev. David J. Henderson of Latrobe United Methodist Church had a career in law enforcement before earning his bachelor’s degree through the ADCP in 2003 and then continuing with a Master’s of Divinity. He recently contacted Professor of Biblical Studies Dr. Scott Shidemantle to express his gratitude for the excellence educational foundation developed through a Geneva ministries degree:

I attribute my success to the preparation that Geneva provided. Throughout my time at seminary, I took only a handful of exams, those being in Greek, Hebrew, dates in church history, et cetera. By far, the majority of assignments were papers—12-15 page applied research papers integrating course materials or five to eight page reflection papers on assigned course texts. I am happy to tell you that Geneva had equipped me well for success! I repeatedly received high marks on my paper submissions and was even asked to serve as a grad assistant and assist in the grading of course papers. I have repeatedly received favorable comments as to my writing style and abilities, both in academic and social arenas.

I am currently in the dissertation stage of my doctorate in transformational leadership at Ashland Theological Seminary, and I met yesterday with my advisor to review my dissertation proposal. My advisor commented as to the professionalism and structure of my writing style, and I again took the opportunity to lift Geneva for my writing abilities. I wanted to let you know of my experiences and to thank you for your patience with me as well as the excellent education I received in the ADCP program under your supervision.

My education at Geneva also prepared me for success at the doctorate level. I did not realize it at the time, but the final project in the ADCP is very similar to the dissertation process. I am by far well ahead of my colleagues in the D.Min. program pertaining to the overall comprehension of the work required and the research necessary in the dissertation process. In some ways, I have already completed a dissertation at my bachelor’s level. Thank you again for your help and the wonderful education Geneva provided.

If you know any adults who would benefit from a high quality, convenient and flexible degree completion program in Christian ministry leadership, please let them know about the Geneva ADCP. Students can choose between the traditional classroom format offered of 11 convenient locations or the new, fully online program. Details are available by visiting or calling 800-576-3111.

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