Geneva In Geneva

Geneva In Geneva Switzerland

You may have been to the Geneva beside the Beaver vale-but what about the one near the Swiss Alps?

Geneva College students, alumni and friends of the college now have the opportunity to join a 10-day expedition to Paris and Switzerland, packing in everything from the Louvre Museum to the palace of Versailles to the alpine beauty of Geneva, Switzerland. The trip is rich in history and Reformed theology, and there's no better way to study John Calvin or the holistic psychologies of Jean Piaget and Christian psychiatrist Paul Tournier than to follow in their footsteps.

"This unique study-abroad opportunity is ideal for any and all who are interested in biblical studies, the Reformation, the history of French Protestantism, or psychology and counseling." Dr. Daniel Hitchcock, Professor of Psychology

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The Geneva IN Geneva study-abroad course takes place during the 2014 May@Geneva term and participating students will receive HUM 304 credit. In addition to leading the trip, Dr. Hitchcock will co-teach with Dr. Scott Shidemantle a course that highlights the areas of biblical studies, Reformation, psychology and counseling. Alumni and friends of Geneva who register for trip are welcome to audit the course. Class will begin on May 12 and takes place Monday through Friday from 9:30 - 12 p.m.

The travel portion will begin on Memorial Day, May 26, and conclude on June 4. The first five days will be spent in France, travelling through Paris, Versailles, and Lyon to tour local attractions, museums, the Faculte Jean Calvin Seminary, and an art studio devoted to Paul Cezanne. Arriving in Switzerland on the afternoon of the sixth day, the travelers will spend Sunday worshipping at Swiss L'Abri, a shelter of seven chalets in Huemoz founded by Francis Scheaffer, where people go to study and strengthen their Christian faith. Geneva, Switzerland, holds a variety of esteemed institutions that the remainder of the trip will cover-one of which, the Paul Tournier Association, includes a tour led by Tournier's grandson!

The hands-on nature of the trip is combined with the informative nature of the course to create a unique, unforgettable experience. Opportunities for further experiences-boating on the Seine or visiting one of Europe's largest glaciers, for example-are available options for the country-hopping trip, so the adventure can grow with the participants' enthusiasm.

And all who join the expedition will be finally able to say that they, too, have set foot in both Genevas.

The application, together with a deposit of $300, is due February 14, 2014, with the final payment due March 25, 2014. The total cost depends on the number of travelers, but will be approximately $3,900.

For additional information, contact Dr. Daniel Hitchcock: 724-847-6547 or

Further details are available in the program's brochure.