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Every Monday log your points and tell us how you're doing!

*You will have till Wednesday at 5 p.m. to log the previous weeks points. You cannot go back and log multiple weeks.


  • 30 minute workout= 5 points
  • 60 minute workout= 10 points
Max of 15 points a day

Weekly Bonus Points

  • 3 days a week= 15 points
  • 4-5 days a week= 30 points

*Only one bonus is available per week
Max points available during the week 135

Consistency Points

If you have worked out 3 consecutive weeks with at least 3 workouts per week you will receive 35 points.
*You are only eligable for this once every 3 weeks and a max of 2 times during the program. When you submit your points for the week please indicate that you have included consistency points. The max available for that week would be 170 points.

Week 6: 3/3/14 - 3/9/14
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