Geneva College

Program Overview

Geneva Gets Fit is a new and exciting program that will come along side you on your effort to become a better fit individual. By offering incentives, classes and nutritional programs this program will be fun for all while providing some friendly competition. Whether you're working out at home or in the fitness center get ready to be fit!

  • Step 1. Sign up! This program is free to join and free to participate in: there is really no reason why you shouldn't be a part of it. Determine your current BMI by using the calculator found at:
  • Step 2. The first day of the program is Monday, January 27, at this time start recording your points. There are also calendars that you can print off that will help you record points and keep track of what you've done.
  • Step 3. Every Monday you will submit your total points from the previous week. You can do that using the submission form.
  • Step 4. Make sure you are checking your email and the website for news and updates. Every week there will be someone who wins as well as tips to live a healthier life!
  • Step 5. Complete the program! Stay dedicated and push through. Get workout accountability partners to stay healthy and fit. The last day of the program is March 7!

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