Professor Ken Hoffman remembered

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"You will always be remembered for your enthuisiasm for life and humor. Your classes were so much fun. Some of my best freshmen memories were in your classes. "

- Jennie Diday

"What always struck me the most about Ken Hoffman was the power of Christ in so frail a man. Though, if I said that to his face, he'd probably make some joke about that being a sugar-coated way of saying someone's a "sissy." He was humble. He was real. He was always pointing others to Jesus. And he's definitely no sissy now. Thanks, Ken."

- Carolyn Bolton '10

"Thank you, Dr Hoffman for showing me what it means to be a servant of Christ. Your testimony made a great impact in my life. I'm so happy I had the privilege to sit at your feet. Your sense of humor was truly a gift of God. I praise the Lord for creating a teacher like you."

- Jean Etienne Charles

"Oh, Professor Ken Hoffman. I never had the privilege of sitting/laughing in a class under your command; however, the friendship that was built in passing each other to and from classes was of a different story. Thanks for being a leader and hero to many students and facility. So many people in this world look down upon Christians as we are guided by a "big Book of rules", and it is viewed that we cannot have fun. You have showed though what it truly means to be a Christian and still have fun in this world. Thanks for your inspiring example. Now go have some fun up in heaven...but not too much until I get there one day too."

- Jamie Gessner '10

"Dr. Hoffman was an amazing individual who added a spark of humor to whatever he was teaching. Geneva will not be the same without him. My thoughts and prayers are with the Hoffman family."

- Jonathan Winkle '02

"Ken Hoffman was a treasure. What a blessing to have known him."

- Patty Warden Iriana

"Mr. Ken, as I knew him, was my favorite VBS teacher of all times!! In fact, just about 2 weeks ago, my mother and I were discussing what an impact he had on my life. He had a very special way of talking to children - he talked with us as if we mattered. He did not talk "down" to us, he talked with us as people. But in doing so, he did not negate his authority over us as a teacher - instead, we respected him more. This is a rare gift. By his example, he taught me to pray conversationally with God. He taught me that I didn't need a particular format, didn't need fancy words, that I could just talk with Him, pour out my heart to Him, as a child to her daddy. This is a gift that has blessed me my entire life. I am 41 years old now, and still pray conversationally with God, and now I am teaching my own children the same way that Mr. Ken taught me - by example. By loving God as our Father, and by talking to Him all the time - in my own words, as a daughter pouring our her heart to her Daddy. And my children have begun to pray like this as well. What an incredible heritage Mr. Ken blessed me and my children and countless others with! I live in St. Louis now, and when my mother shared with me today that Mr. Ken had passed away (on my birthday), I was so deeply saddened for your loss, and at the same time, had a sense of hope - knowing that he is with the Father he loved and served so well, and worshipping our Savior at His feet. Please accept my deepest condolences, and know that I am praying even now for the Lord to comfort you as only He can. To comfort you with hope."

- Heather Felts Tutwiler

"Praise be to God!! Ken's testimony will be a blessing to many! He will be missed, but through his life and death I know many lives will be transformed....."

- Linda Henry

"I will miss Ken. He was a Godly man, a devoted husband and father, an excellent teacher, and a friend. He welcomed me and my family to the community in 2004, and dropped by my office often, always with both a joke and a word of encouragement. His sense of humor is legendary. And now his joy is complete."

- Ken Smith

"I remember my first encounter with Dr. Hoffman: He made a joke that bothered another professor to the point that she stormed out of the room in our Bible discussion. I didn't know what to think at the time, but since then I have come to know Dr. Hoffman as one of the most genuine Christians I have known. His testimony really influenced me and it proves that even the deepest of sinners God can reach. He taught difficult passages in Scripture in such a way that made his students think through the issues themselves. He will be truly missed by the Geneva community."

- Jacob Bruker '13

"Ken was incredibly influential in the lives of hundreds of Geneva students. Among his many gifts was this outstanding one - he was no respecter of persons. He could, and did, take shots at everyone no matter who they were or what they did. Of course, it was entirely in good fun. May God be close to Jan, Liz, and the rest of his family and friends during this time."

- Ken Carson

"Ken, you will be missed. I can't add anything beyond what has already been mentioned by dozens of people. I'm so grateful for his ministry in my life and in the lives of so many.

Ken, keep the angels laughing. We'll see you in eternity."

- Chris Mathews

"Ken was such a blessing to me in my time at Geneva and since. I learned so much from him and only hope I 'sharpened' him as well. As I am sad that he isn't walking here I'm so glad he is walking face to face with his Jesus! He always told me (being I am a person from a Methodist background) that he like me, thought I was a good student in studying the scriptures, and that "we're gonna make a "Covie" out of you yet!" I'm so glad that above all Ken Hoffman was a follower of Jesus Christ! I will see you again when we are together with the Lord my friend. May the rest of us see that Hand of God in our lives this day. May God bless you this day Hoffman family."

- Chuck Jewell '92

"Like so many others, Ken Hoffman was my professor, pastor, and friend. The sheer number of similar stories show just how committed Ken was to Christ, his congregation, and his students. Even while influencing so many people, it was clear he was invested in each one - I fondly remember being teased from the pulpit, being repeatedly invited to his home, and battling wits during his lectures."

- Jesse Flot '07

"Mr. Hoffman, I've known you my whole life and I thought you were the funniest, craziest person in the world. But what stood out to me the most was your love for Jesus and other people. You showed me the love of Christ and that's how I will remember you. You had a great testimony of God's goodness and power in your life. I frequently listen to the recording of your testimony in chapel last year. Thanks, and I'll see you in glory!"

- Kristland McCracken '13

"God Bless Ken Hoffman, who brought the Word of our Maker to thousands in his lifetime. May he now embark on this new journey, with no pain, and may his memory live on. He brought so many people to know Christ, and for that I am forever grateful."

- Kristen (Lynch) Repp

"I don't believe that I have ever experienced the Bible come to life in such and amazing way as when Professor Hoffman taught it. He was amazing. I remember my sister telling me to take a class with him. He picked on everyone and made us all laugh. We are all going to miss him. But I know there is a party in heaven."

- Micah Yarger '12

"Ken was a man who had learned what it meant to do discipleship at three miles an hour (phrase courtesy of Don Opitz). He was interested in talking and laughing with the students even as he appealed with them to see the Good News about the Kingdom of God in his teaching. I never had Ken for a class, but I was a TA in the department and had the privilege to substitute lecture once. The love the students had for him was evident. My hope and prayer is that they would realize that the love he had for them is a small reflection of the love their Savior has for them.

Hebrews 4 talks about the rest that still remains for God's people, and it tells us to strive to enter that rest. My acquaintance with Ken Hoffman tells me that he was a man who was striving to enter that rest and has now entered it."

- David Ketter '10

"It is always a wonderful thing when you come across a person who is so full of life that life itself can't seem to contain him. Ken was that person, his energy, compassion, and love of life was so full that his impact still lives on through his many students, TA's, coworkers, friends, and family. It was a shock when I opened my email this morning to hear that this beloved teacher had passed on to the next life. I rejoice that he is now in the arms of his savior, but I mourn to know that he is gone, never to crack another joke, charm another class of willing or unwilling bible students, or break another shy student out of their shell. His memory will stay vivid through all those that he touched with his wit and enthusiasm for a life that he had yet to live, one that he longed for with fervency, and shared that longing to anyone who would listen."

- Jim Cason '06

"I had the privilege of serving as a teaching assistant for the freshman New and Old Testament Survey courses and greatly enjoyed working with Ken. He engaged the students in wonderful, practical discussions in the small group sessions and had a remarkable sense of humor. His family will be in my prayers. I will mourn knowing that death is a tragic and horrible result of the Fall and that his family and friends will deeply miss him, but I am thankful to know that he now is with our risen Christ and that I (and so many others) will see him again in glory thanks to our Savior who purchased us with his own blood."

- W. Calvin Smith '96

"Professor Hoffman was my all-time favorite professors in the two years that I've been here at Geneva. He was a man full of wisdom who conducted our Bible discussion groups with humor and encouragement. I was always excited to see him and was disappointed when his health made him have to resign from teaching. I still hung onto the hope he would be back though. I almost cried hearing about his passing but I know after all he has overcome in this life, God finally called him home. He is in a better place and I will never forget him."

- Grace Dickerman

"Early in the morning of registration day, the lobby of Old Main would be overflowing with students waiting to sign up for following semester; the smartest made sure to sign-up for Ken Hoffman′s Bible discussion. Mr. Hoffman′s discussion group was the first to fill up and if you were not there early you were out of luck. Mr. Hoffman helped the Bible come to life with thought provoking discussion and interaction. He made Geneva′s campus a better place and Geneva is better for having him as a part of it."

- Emily (Lundeen) Marzley '04

"I adored Ken's New Testament Bible discussion class. He had a different and at times entertaining way of presenting the Word of God. His charisma made the 8 a.m. Friday morning discussions something to look forward to at the end of every week. Ken was great to talk to about Pitt Basketball and his time spent in Western Pennsylvania.

One of the best Professors that I had during my time at Geneva will truly be missed."

- Garrett Marvich '09

"I had Ken in summer vacation Bible school his first summer in Beaver Falls and with the Tusca RP church. At the time Ken was a bachelor and new to working with our pre-teen group. His sense of humor and ability to keep all of us off guard while keeping us focused on the lessons will never be forgotten and affects me today when I work with my own kids. Another thing which comes to mind when thinking of Ken is the year that Tusca hosted the New Year's lock-in for all of the area's youth groups and they played the movie from Stephen King called Cujo. Not a "bad" movie but not a typical movie for an RP gathering. Just an example of how human Ken was and was he was such and effective messenger of the Lord because he was easy to relate to."

- Melissa Plomaker Carrasco '92

"I was Professor Hoffman's teaching assistant for two semesters. His passion toward his students and the subject matter has truly left an impression on me. As many have said, he possessed an increible sense of humor. But I will remember Professor Hoffman for his inexplicable ability to make people feel cofortable around him. He was most certainly a warm and accepting man who made an impact on this campus community. His presence will surely be missed. I owe a great deal to Professor Hoffman for his mentorship while I was his teaching assistant during my sophomore year."

- Joe Cirelli

"When I worked on Student Activities, Ken Hoffman was my inspiration for wanting to organize a campus wide "The Price Is Right". But when I asked him if he'd be Bob Barker for us he said without skipping a beat, "So you want me to act like a 99 year old creep? Gee thanks for the opportunity." Haha. He did it two years in a row and was perfect. I think he was slightly honored."

- Megan Drew

"Dr.Hoffman you made bible enjoyable. I will miss you man. I hope you are at peace and your ability to make people laugh stays with you in heaven."

- Christian Hauser

"Prof. Hoffman was a great teacher, and even though he spent most of the class time making fun of me and my friends, I will definitely miss him."

- Mike Jones

"I would heartily echo many of the Bible TA stories you will read below. Ken was one who loved tho help the students understand the material, not just memorize it. I have many fond memories of our discussion times that went way to fast. What a blessing to have crossed paths with this wonderful man of God!!"

- Craig Milroy '92

"Even 25 years after graduation, I continue to have fond memories of Ken Hoffman. He was one of those professors who wouldn't hesitate to sit down with his students in the Brig, fellowship, joke and be a good friend. I'll never forget his pride over a new car that he bought. My roommate and I weaseled out of him where he parked it so we could "admire" it with several rolls of TP. Ken got a good laugh and learned that you just don't let that kind of information out. He was a blessing and is a true example of what leaving a legacy means."

- Melinda Izzo

"Professor Hoffman, you are surely missed around here and I will never forget the joy and passion you shared in the classroom. I'll never forget the way you called me 'Red #___' even though I'm a blonde and how you always joked around with us as students while teaching the Bible. Thank you for sharing your story, you passion, and your laughter. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to be taught by you, and I know you are probably having a blast up in Heaven, hanging with Jesus!

Praying for your family and friends."

- Brittany Barrett '11

"Thank you Professor Hoffman for making Bible 100 so much fun and putting up with our class!! You handled all of us with love and grace and I think we all walked away being better people because of you!! Your laugh and sense of humor is forever etched in my memory!"

- Bridget (Beachy) Bauman '07

"I never had the opportunity to meet Dr. Ken Hoffman. I graduated from Geneva through the Center for Urban Theological Studies (CUTS). I graduated in 1995 with a BS in Urban Ministry Management. I know by listening to his powerful testimony that he touched many lives along the way. I believe God brought this message to me through the power of the Holy Spirit. Dr. Hoffman said several things that were for me right now. I needed to hear that "God wants your availability, not your ability." Being a Baptist Preacher, I almost began to shout when I heard this. The testimony was so powerful and full of wisdom and understanding. I will be sharing this testimony with members of my Cohort at the Biblical Theological Seminary in Hatfield, Pa. I thank the Lord for Dr. Ken Hoffman and his powerful Testimony. I will pray for his family and all the lives that he touched along his journey. Thanks for sharing the testimony."

- Rev. Thomas O. Jeffcoat, Sr., Salem Baptist Church of Jenkintown, Pa.

"When I was a freshman, I quickly learned that it was Ken Hoffman's Bible discussion class that I needed to get into. I was blessed to have that experience. I have often looked back to those moments and conversations. They included many laughs of course but also a challenge to think through Scripture and how it applies to life. He embodied Geneva's mission, loved students, loved teaching, loved God, and was a genuine person and seeker of truth. I will be praying for his family, his church, and the Geneva community. We have been blessed by his life."

- Jenny Porter '04

"Remembering Ken as my Bible professor, I will never forget his wisdom as well as his wit being as sharp as a tack."

- Jordan Hackenberg '06

"I have had the privledge of knowing Ken for almost 30 years. He was my VBS teacher and we loved the nutty guy. Next thing you know, he's at my church and becoming our new pastor. At a young age, I was thrilled to have such a fun loving person to work with us young kids. From then it has been a blessed adventure. From youth group, burnt TV dinners, rock a thons, canoeing, Carlton conference, "baptising" his new car, attending the tornado wedding, babysitting lovely Liz, having him as a prof. at Geneva, marrying me to my best friend, and baptising my children. All along the way, teaching the love of the Lord, the truth of His Word, and sheparding the flock at Tusca. Ken, you will be missed for a time, but I look forward to seeing you again. All my love to Jan and Elizabeth. He was one of a kind (thank goodness!!)"

- Dawn Weinacht Claerbaut

"When I first transferred to Geneva in the middle of my freshmen year, it was a very dark time for me. And Pastor Hoffmann's class was one of the first I had--a night class, that became my favorite part of the week. I will never forget how he opened the class that night and it has stuck with me since: I will never forget how your Dad started out Bible class with us. He said, "Whoever the most important person or Person in your life is and what they think of you is what you will think of yourself. So make sure the most important Person is your Heavenly Father." I'll never forget!

I really am so jealous that he is in heaven away from this vale of tears and cannot wait for the day when Christ brings us all home to join him."

- Sarah Marshall '10

"One of my favorite Bible classes was with Ken Hoffman. Loved his sense of humor and the discussions he created among the students. He will be greatly missed."

- Tammy (Beck) Rosenfeldt '00

"I knew Ken through being his student, but got to know him more through impromptu meetings around campus. Almost always, he would see me and sarcastically say, "Buck! I must be living right for God to have me bump into you today!" Then he would continue, "No really- it's good to see you! How are you?" We would then proceed to have a pleasant and meaningful conversation. I cherish those moments and will always remember him. He had charm and talent in connecting with people. He used sarcasm and humor to break the surface and form true relationships with people. He was a brilliant man, a great professor, and a wonderful man of God. He will truly be missed."

- Julia Buck

"Ken Hoffman was a living testament of God's love and grace. He had traveled a long journey to find redemption in Christ and used that journey to witness to many people. His testimony brought hope to so many people that the redeeming love of Christ reaches all who will ask for it no matter what lies in your past. I had a unique relationship with him that was completely immersed in his odd sense of humor. He was truly a funny man who loved to "pick on" those he loved! My mom is the Bible Secretary and I had spent a lot of time with him when I was a student there. I wanted to take Bible 300 in the summer and he was the teacher that year. Now we all know that participation is important in Bible discussion but whenever I would raise my hand to provide comments on the subject he would respond "Oh I have to take a comment from Carrie". "She is such a brown noser just because her mom is my secretary". That is just one example of the many comments I heard that summer with him and I sit here smiling remembering them all. He will be dearly missed but in the end when his body became so frail I can rejoice that he has been made new by his loving father."

- Carrie Wheeler

"Hoops Hoffman was, is, and will always be a legend. I was lucky enough to get into his class when I filled out my Bible placement test without reading it. Yeah, I was that kid. Little did I know, I'd be placed in Ken's class and have some of the best class experiences in my time at Geneva. I even met my fiance in his class - of course, Hoops always asked Doug if he had broken up with me yet when we would see him around campus but he always ended his cheeky jests with a smile and a wink. His passion for biblical truth was evident in every class he taught. Thanks, Hoops... And yes, the wedding is still on."

- Christy Aiken '10

"During my years at Geneva, becoming a T.A. for Dr. Hoffman was one of the best things that happened to me. I feel blessed to have heard his story, and our many conversations and prayers will be memories I carry forever. He helped me through the most difficult period in my life, and he constantly suported me through prayer and the Word of God. He was my "Geneva Dad," and without his encouragement and prayer, I wouldn't be who I am today. His joy and his delight in the Lord was contagious, and I praise God that I was able to be around him and grow through him during my years at Geneva."

- Sarah Costea

"I was a student of Dr. Hoffman′s and then had the privilege and pleasure of being his TA for four years. My time in his classroom will always be a favorite part of my Geneva experience. His sense of humor was priceless and his genuine love for his savior overflowed in everything he did. I remember students who began the semester hostile or disengaged would end up staying late after class to ask Dr. Hoffman more about the gospel or seek his advice. He taught me what it is to truly love and pray for your students. His legacy will continue in the lives of the many he brought closer to their Savior through his warmth, kindness, teaching, and preaching. You will be missed "Hoops Hoffman" but we know that you are rejoicing in the presence of our Lord and King."

- Whitney DiBenedictis '07

"Professor Hoffman will be missed! I will never forget my first Bible class, he made learning the WORD of God fun and interesting with his ongoing jokes. He allowed you get understanding in your own way afterwhich he would twist it with a joke so that you would remember!"

- Rev. Bobby Wilson '04

"To the Hoffman family, I am so glad to have known Ken throughout these past few years. I always enjoyed his humor but also his insight into what the world was doing. Teaching at BCCS, led me to teaching his daughter Liz, in piano and handbells. He volunteered to drive with two other women drivers to Wheaton, IL when Liz was in handbells and going on tour in that area. He was surrounded by girls/women except for 2 HS boy bell players. His presence helped keep the tour lively. He also got to sleep in the best and biggest house while there.

I pray that this time of adjustment will not be too hard for you Jan and Liz. I will keep you in my thoughts."

- Dori Barr

"I still hear his laughter as he engaged the students in Bible class. I was standing nearby as a young, naive TA, thinking that we needed to stop joking around and start reviewing for the test! But Ken was connecting with the students in a way that I had yet to learn. He understood that the material was not just facts and dates to be memorized. He knew that the gospel is about relationships. I also remember that for Ken, teaching Biblical doctrine was about dialogue, not debate. By taking the time to listen carefully, he demonstrated his love for the individuals in the classroom, including me. And yet he also knew what he believed to be truth, and unashamedly and skillfully defended it from Scripture. After graduating from Geneva, I married an RPTS student and future pastor/evangelist. The wedding gift he gave us, a beautiful plate, fell off the wall and broke long ago, but I still treasure the memory of his thoughtfulness. Since leaving Geneva, my students in the classroom and Sunday school room, women in my Bible studies, and my own children continue to benefit from the many lessons learned from Ken. May our Savior bring comfort to those of you in his dear family that miss him so much."

- Jeni (Stevenson) Richline '94

"Ken Hoffman was a great man. While attending Geneva, I attended Tusca. He welcomed me with open arms and welcomed me into his home for many Sunday dinners. He used to always tease me about how I needed to find a husband and even when as far as putting a notice from the registrar saying that I was not attending my semester class entitled, "Husband Hunting 101". And as much as he dished it, he could take it. I always told him he looked like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons; in which he would simply chuckle. Ken's laughter and personality will be missed in this world, but I'm sure he's having a wonderful time in heaven.

God bless Ken and his family.

He will be greatly missed."

- Stephanie (Waller) Francis

"Ken Hoffman was my pastor and more importantly a friend for the past 3 years.

When I think about Ken I am inspired. He had one of the most incredible testimonies of anyone I've ever met. To go from being a firm atheist to a devote believer in God.... from a successful psychologist to a Pastor of a small poor church, and Bible professor... his life wasn't glamorous, but it was truly remarkable.

I've been a "christian' my whole life, so I have little memory of life before Christ saved me. Ken however, knew what it was like to live without Christ and with Christ, and he was grateful for his new life.

Ken was and will continue to be my hero. He was one of the most real and humble people I've ever met. He had the most ridiculous sense of humor too... he constantly was making people laugh. I'm sure he's up in heaven right now cracking jokes with Abraham and John the Baptist (first 2 bible characters that came to my mind).

Many of us will miss him like crazy, myself included. God, you are lucky to have him now, and I am jealous.

I've also never met someone so preoccupied with death. He was constantly talking about his funeral wishes from the pulpit. He was someone who did long for the next life. He finally got his wish. Can't wait to join him."

- Marsha Heft

"I was Mr. Hoffman's teaching assistant for four semesters during my student years at Geneva. He teased me relentlessly but once he learned that I could (and would) dish it back, we had a friendship for life. He taught me so much and made me laugh constantly. He is one of the reasons that I love Geneva College so much and now work for Enrollment Services. His passing has reminded me of a song by Sara Groves that says, "less like a casket, more like a womb." His life is not is just beginning. I will miss you greatly, Hoops Hoffman."

- Emily (Taylor) Swearingen '07

"Ken was a truly gracious man with a tremendous depth of gratitude to Christ that was evident to all who knew him. I was privileged to be his TA one semester and will never forget the kindness, humor, and wisdom he showed to his students. I look forward to seeing him again, and pray for his family and friends, may God comfort you and give you peace and strength."

- Jennifer (Olsson) Smith '97

"Ken was a fellow student at RPTS. I always enjoyed his wit and depth. Indeed the Geneva College and the Reformed Presbyterian Church, as well as the world itself has lost a fine servant. Until that day we are with him in glory we have have a hole in our our world."

- Dennis Drennen

"I was Ken Hoffman's TA for a couple of semesters. Any wise freshman tried hard to get in Ken's Bible class. Ken thought it was so funny that together we formed the Hoffman and Hoffman team. Ken would use our common last names as comic material for countless jokes, I was everything from his wife, his daughter, to a long lost cousin. To his delight often students could not tell if he was joking or not. Ken Hoffman served as a mentor and encourager, always ready with a joke or a smile. He brought the Bible to life with stories, humor, and practical applications. His was a life well lived and I am thankful to have known him."

- Sarah Hoffman-Evans

"We will always remember his joyful spririt. Professor Hoffman's classes were always so much fun. He really tried to make it fun to study the Bible."

- Sarah Pellegri Young '03

"When I read the email about Professor Hoffman's passing, I vividly saw his face, could still hear his voice in the classroom and remembered well his energy and wit. I much appreciated his unique and refreshing approach to teaching in the Christian College environment. Always faithful and quick to share the reason for his hope, but rather "out of the box," so to speak. Honestly, he helped me make sense of some things that were preventing me from fully surrendering. I'm thankful to be able to recall that and share it now. God bless his family!"

- Valerie Taylor Shannon

"Ken always seemed to have listening students around him. He engaged students, challenged them & loved them. He will be missed in our campus community."

- Rob Rostoni

"Today I both grieve and celebrate the death of Ken Hoffman. As members of his church who have appreciated his love for his family and congregation, his passion for pursuing the truth, and his willingness to be transparent in his lifelong growth in a deep relationship with his God, our family will miss him deeply...very deeply. The loss of such an energetic, fun-loving, and deeply loyal man leaves a very noticeable void in the lives of those whom he loved. This very loss, though, is also the source of the joy I feel -- for Ken, as I picture his recently-weak body now renewed with strength, running and not weary, walking and not faint. As I imagine Ken jumping for joy in the presence of and fully realized relationship with his Savior, I give thanks -- reflecting on his last months and the ways that he has persevered in anticipation of this time. I'm honored to have known this man, who (like Moses) "regarded disgrace for the sake of Christ as of greater value than treasures...because he was looking ahead to his reward" (Hebrews 11:26)."

- Nate Hartman

"Thank you, Professor Hoffman, for showing me what the foregiveness of Christ truly is. Thank you for making Bible 300 both entertaining and informative. Thank you for your sense of humor. And thank you for turning a summer class into a life-changing esperience."

- Christine Carugati '11

"It′s easy to remember Ken′s unreserved personality; you always knew when he was in the room! When I think of loving God by being a devoted husband and father to my family, I remember an intimate, thoughtful, and quiet conversation with Ken on his front porch. A cool summer evening breeze carried along our chatter about how much he treasured his caring wife and the opportunity he had to spend real quality time with Liz as she grew up in a blink of an eye! I hardly remember the words, but the lasting impression has challenged me to take captive these early teachable moments with our children, continuing to knit a family tapestry with my wife that will transcend generations."

- Chad Baumgartner '94

"I know many of you were friends of Ken Hoffman and I regret that I didn′t have the chance to get to know him. To those who knew him well and to those, like me, who did not, I highly recommend you listen to the podcast of the message that Ken gave last year at chapel. He shared his life story from atheist to Bible professor and many experiences in between. It is a wonderful testimony that I listened to more than once after chapel because it was so powerful.

Here′s the link: And the date of the message was December 2, 2009.

I know Ken Hoffman had an impact on many people who passed through Geneva. We thank the Lord for that blessing!"

- Cheryl Johnston

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