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Dr. James Warden remembered

Geneva remembers Dr. James Warden

"Dr. Warden was in every respect a true scholar and Christian gentleman. His belief in the reforming power of teachers who had faith, has influnced my teaching to this day. From Dr. Warden, I learned that teaching was as important a ministry as preaching itself...and as such had to be approached as a "calling". He was a blessing to Geneva, to the Education department and to the Geneva Family. My prayers go out to his family, but my thanksgiving for his life go to our Lord Jesus!"

- Barry Davis

"Dr Warden was my grandpa. His dedication to Christian Education has increased my desire to become a Christian school teacher and hopefully to make as much of an impact on the lives of fellow Christians as he has. He was a great role model, a strong Christian, and a loving grandpa."

- Lexi Warden

"What a sad day for the education department of Geneva. There has never been a more enthusiastic and caring professor who taught you to see Christ in everything we learned from him. He was a great help during my student teaching days and helped me work thru a bad experience and made it positive. My deepest condolences to his wife and family. One thing I know for sure, he went home to be with his Lord and I am sure he has a very large crown and mansion in heaven!!"

- Denise J. denDulk

"I remember Dr. Warden as being a kind person. He always had a warm greeting for you as you met him walking about Campus. I'll miss seeing his smile. My prayers are with his family."

- Dianne Wheeler

"He taught me one of my two eduction classes. He was a kind man and he introduced me to the Silmarillion by J R R Tolkien. He told a story that he had grown up in the Church but had not yet commited himself to the Lord. He was with a group of other young people and they were discussing Christianity and he end up leading someone to Christ before Christ came to him. He was a good man."

- Paul Trask

"Blessings and peace to his wife.....a loss for Geneva."

- Bruce Rhodes

"He enriched the lives of others and made a difference. My thoughts are with his family at this time."

- Marc Walther

"He will be missed."

- Matt McFarland

"I sat through many of his classes...a faithful professor at Geneva."

- Dianne McCracken Schaefer

"I arrived on Geneva's campus as a student who understood how one should integrate their faith with all of life and learning. Then, I had a class with Jim Warden. He had a significant impact on my understanding of Christian education. Jim laid the foundation for my current views of the importance of Christian education and its complementary necessity in the lives of our children. On my return to Geneva College as a faculty member, Jim stopped by my office frequently to give me the most current research on Christian education and just chat about schooling. He also gave me several of his collections of philosophies of Christian education. My passion for preparing Christian teachers was ignited by Jim Warden. He was kind, dedicated, and always wanted to advance Christian education."

- Gayle Copeland

"Dr. Warden was a wonderful and very helpful professor while I was completing my education certification and undergraduate degree at Geneva College. Over the years, he became a kind friend and was very supportive of my vocation in Christian Education, both at the K-12 and higher education levels. He understood and articulated well the fundemental, philosophical concepts of christian education. He put that knowledge into practice in his classrooms and through his support of the Beaver County Christian School. My condolences are with his wife, children, and granchildren, to whom he gave a priceless legacy."

- Jim Dittmar

"Dr. Warden’s memorial service was a blessing to those who attended just as he had been a blessing to our church, to Geneva and to BCCS. His passion for Christian education was influential in seeing a Christian school start in this area and his faithfulness in expressing that passion kept him active in the church and school over the years. As Rev. Martin remarked in his message, we are all role models for those around us. Jim’s life was an example of how we should be affecting and influencing those we meet."

- Vernice McChesney

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