Middle School Education Certification (4-8)

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The purpose of our Middle Level Program (4-8) is to prepare teacher education candidates to have the knowledge, dispositions and skills necessary to create learning communities for young adolescents that are academically challenging, developmentally responsive and socially equitable. We believe that teacher candidates that are prepared to enter this area with their faith as foundational to understanding and living their calling are effectively equipped for service in middle school.

Geneva offers certification for middle school education (4-8) students with concentrations in:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies

We believe that middle level teachers need broad discipline knowledge in more than one discipline. Therefore, middle level candidates prepare in all focus areas (language arts education, mathematics education, social studies education and science education) as well as additional concentration in one specific area. Middle level teachers need to understand how young adolescents develop, so we have a curriculum that emphasizes adolescent development within courses. Candidates work in the field observing and working with individuals, small groups and large groups for approximately 190 hours PRIOR to student teaching.

Why choose education at Geneva College?

  • Experiential classroom learning available as early as freshman year.
  • Tutoring and extensive field experience in local classrooms.
  • Student teaching overseas is available.
  • All 50 states offer some form of reciprocity for certification to Geneva graduates.
  • Integration of faith in teaching philosophy and practice.
  • Geneva College also offers a Master of Education in Reading program, as well as a Master of Education in Special Education.

Classes include:

  • Social and Philosophical Foundations of Modern Education
  • Educational Psychology
  • Adolescent Development
  • Exceptionality in the 4-8 Classroom
  • Academic Strategies for Exceptional Children

What can you do with an education degree?

Geneva has a strong interest in preparing well-qualified Christian teachers for careers in both public and Christian schools. Programs lead to certification in Pennsylvania through the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Through inter-state certification agreements, certification is readily achieved in many other states. Geneva graduates are assured of general acceptance as teacher of the subject areas for which the college has approved programs.