Geneva College

Missionary Kids (MKs)/Third-Culture Kids (TCKs)

Geneva College is a welcoming community for third-culture kids, whether you are from a missionary family, a diplomat or ex-pat community, or anyone who has spent a significant part of their life living outside of their home culture. We appreciate and understand the unique perspective and experiences you bring and value your contribution to campus.

“Combining culture shock with college shock is enough to send the head of any young adult spinning. I greatly appreciated that Geneva recognized this and went out of their way to help MKs like myself feel comfortable , not only in college, but also in the U.S. The doors of the International Student Services office were always open to us, and their love and compassion have made me love Geneva all the more.”

- Katie Tricarico, MK from Uganda

While every college freshman encounters change, certain new students may have to cope with culture clashes on top of other adjustments. Staff members in Geneva’s International Student Services welcome students who come from different circumstances, understand the challenges they face, and work to make the transition from country-to-country easier.

In addition to everyday support and encouragement, International Student Services has several support programs available for MKs. Mu Kappa and the International Student Organization are two clubs specifically designed as fellowship groups for MKs and TCKs, although they are open to all students.

In recent years, Geneva has welcomed students from the following missionary organizations and international schools:

  • Mission to the World
  • Carachipampa Christian School
  • Taejon Christian International School
  • Christian Academy in Japan
  • Hanau American High School
  • Korea Christian Academy
  • Dalat International School

U.S. citizens living abroad are eligible to apply for federal financial aid and any student will be considered for academic scholarships. Please contact your admissions counselor for more information, or Apply Now.

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