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Psalms of Praise CD - New Song

1. Psalm 1A Listen
2. Psalm 4B Listen
3. Psalm 8B Listen 
4. Psalm 15 Listen
5. Psalm 22I Listen
6. Psalm 23B Listen
7. Psalm 25A Listen 
8. Psalm 27A Listen
9. Psalm 32C Listen
10. Psalm 34A Listen 
11. Psalm 40C Listen
12. Psalm 44A Listen 
13. Psalm 45A Listen 
14. Psalm 47A Listen
15. Psalm 48B Listen
16. Psalm 51B Listen
17. Psalm 67A Listen 
18. Psalm 73C Listen 
19. Psalm 78A Listen
20. Psalm 84A Listen
21. Psalm 84B Listen
22. Psalm 94A Listen
23. Psalm 96A Listen
24. Psalm 100A Listen
25. Psalm 103A Listen
26. Psalm 104D Listen
27. Psalm 118C Listen
28. Psalm 119B Listen
29. Psalm 119M Listen
30. Psalm 119X Listen
31. Psalm 121B Listen
32. Psalm 122A Listen
33. Psalm 127A Listen
34. Psalm 131 Listen
35. Psalm 133A Listen
36. Psalm 135B Listen
37. Psalm 139A Listen
38. Psalm 145C Listen
39. Psalm 147A Listen
40. Psalm 148 Listen
41. Psalm 150B Listen


Point of Excellence

Music education and music business graduates have a 95-100% job placement in the first year.

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