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Beyond the Bend Update

The Class of 2009 celebrates the new "front door" to Geneva College!

By Jim Prince, Vice President Operations

There’s a lot of excitement on the Geneva College campus these days. In a very short period of time we have seen the new entry boulevard paved, landscaped islands filled with trees and shrubs added, and beautiful lamp posts positioned on the boulevard and roundabout. Just days ago we were able to witness the 60-foot archway lifted into place. And, most exciting of all, the new entranceway, our “front door” to the campus is now open for traffic!

We praise the Lord for His goodness and the blessings He has poured out on Geneva College! We also ask for His continued hand on this campus as we enter the final stage of construction, which is the creation of the pedestrian mall, starting from the north end of the new roundabout to McCartney Library.

This new phase of construction – beginning Monday, May 18 – will again impact traffic on campus.

You will now be able to enter the campus through the new entranceway, and the Freshman lot will be open during this phase of construction, however, Alumni Hall parking lot will be temporarily closed.

You will no longer be able to walk or drive on College Avenue any further north than the front of College Hill RP Church; it will be blocked off. The area cordoned off for construction continues south to the new roundabout.

There will be no entrance to Alexander Hall from the lower-level entrance by IA and Enrollment. The road (32nd street) in front of the main entrance of Alexander will be closed, but access through this upper-level door is available by following a walkway that is near Bagpiper Theater. Temporary directional signs will be posted to identify access to Alexander Hall.

Accessibility of Alumni Hall will be a challenge as the building will be surrounded by construction. Access will be limited to faculty and staff who work within the building and they will be required to wear hard hats.

This phase of construction will continue through the summer and completion is expected by late summer.

The online transitional campus map shows this new phase of construction.

We’re delighted that the result will be a greatly improved campus for generations of students at Geneva College to enjoy and any inconveniences will be temporary.


Point of Excellence

Geneva engineering students compete in national competitions including the Solar Splash, Steel Bridge Building and the Society of Automotive Engineers Baja Competition.

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