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Dr. Meek publishes "A Little Manual for Knowing"

ALittleManualForKnowing.jpgGeneva College Professor of Philosophy Dr. Esther Meek recently published her latest book, A Little Manual for Knowing. The book presents an eight-step approach to epistemology, which is the branch of philosophy concerned with the nature of knowledge.

“No matter the field—science or art, business or theology, counseling or athletics, this Little Manual offers a how-to for knowing ventures,” according to Meek’s website. “It offers concrete guidance to individuals or teams, students or professionals, along with plenty of exercises to spark the process of discovery, design, artistry, or mission.”

Esther_Meek.jpgMeek, who is also a Visiting Professor of Apologetics at Redeemer Seminary in Dallas, says, “Our whole lives are one big act of coming to know.”

A Little Manual for Knowing is a condensed version of 2011 full-length book, Loving to Know. According to Meek, the new format presents a way for readers to “get on board with covenant epistemology,” which is a biblically compatible, holistic and epistemological vision that offers a Christian understanding of life.

In response to the book, Dr. Eric Miller, a professor of history and humanities at Geneva and author of Christianity Today’s 2011 History/Biography of the Year Hope in a Scattering Time: A Life of Christopher Lasch, said,"Esther Meek distills deep wisdom with a care scholarly and pastoral at once. Any who wish to see the world more truly will be grateful for her illuminating intervention."

And Makoto Fujimura, Christian author, painter and founder of International Arts Movement, said, “At the Fujimura home we choose one book each summer to read together and discuss with our grown children. This year it will be A Little Manual for Knowing—an essential reading for every university, every business, every church and every home."

Meek’s next book project is updating and revising her 1983 Ph.D. dissertation for publication as Contact with Reality: Polanyi's Realism and Its Value for Christian Faith.

More information is available on Meek’s website.

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