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Student bags marketing research internship

BEAVER FALLS, Pa. – Geneva College student, Jenny Jones, was selected from over 1,000 applicants for a marketing research internship at Pitt Ohio this past summer. Speaking in Keith Starcher’s Marketing Research class on Thursday, Jones talked about the many ways in which the class helped her bag the internship, crediting the real application-oriented class she took at Geneva for her success.

Dr. Keith Starcher, Associate Professor of Business at Geneva College, teaches Marketing Research from a hands-on standpoint. He stated that the goal for the course is to “get the students out there doing what it is they will be doing after graduation. We put in a lot of time and a lot of effort into these courses, but we see the advantage when we go out into the marketplace.”

Throughout the semester, Geneva’s Marketing Research students discuss the value of marketing research and learn how to conduct focus groups and personal interviews. They are also responsible for creating a formal marketing proposal, which is presented in a professional setting.

Jones brought with her to the interview her formal marketing proposal which Starcher’s class required her to write, providing the hiring manager with significant evidence that she already knew how to conduct formal marketing research.

The hiring manager, a graduate of Notre Dame, informed her that he knew of no other schools that had this kind of formal project work. He was so impressed with Geneva’s preparation for students in the marketing field that he hired Jones for the internship and even offered to create for her a position at Pitt Ohio after her graduation in May.

Pitt Ohio is an LTL Trucking Company, located in the Strip District of Pittsburgh. There Jones created surveys for Pitt Ohio’s customers to complete based on their past marketing research responses. Jones also got to pitch her own advertising campaign to chart a return on customer response.

In the past, students have conducted marketing research projects on campus issues such as chapel, and student housing. This year, students in Starcher’s class will be working with Larry Hardesty, Geneva’s Associate Dean of Students, to conduct marketing research on the impact of Bible studies on campus, and how they effect ones spiritual growth amongst their busy college schedules.

Starcher’s class also plans to work with Ed Vencio, Vice President of Marketing at Geneva College, to conduct research on why students are choosing to attend Geneva College. They will be researching what incoming student’s expectations are, and how they have been met since their arrival.


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Geneva has a larger percentage of senior faculty than most U.S. colleges, with 45% being full professors compared to the national average of 25%.
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