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Spotlight on New Study Abroad Programs

Spotlight on the new study abroad programs.

Crossroads: Geneva’s Center for Off Campus Study announces the addition of four new study abroad opportunities becoming available in the fall 2011 semester. Geneva students can experience Chinese culture, conduct field research in South Africa, learn to speak Japanese , work in The Gambia and much more through one of the new semester programs at Tokyo University, the University of The Gambia, Christ’s College in Taiwan and Azusa Pacific University in South Africa.

“We’re becoming a global society–in business, education, technology–and in order to be a complete citizen and leader, you have to have a cross-cultural experience,” says Crossroads Director Ann Burkhead. “A semester abroad is the first step in gaining vital cross-cultural skills–independence, the ability to communicate, navigating travel arrangements and overcoming ethnocentricity.”

The program at the East Asia Institute at Tokyo Christian University is for students wanting to study and travel in Japan and the Far East, learn Japanese, and worship and serve in a Japanese church. The East Asia Institute at TCU is the only Evangelical university fully accredited by the Japanese government and is also an international affiliate of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). Courses include: Japan, Asia and the West; History of Japanese Arts and Aesthetics; History and Theology of the Reformation and Evangelicalism; Elementary, Intermediate or Advanced Japanese Language and Culture; and more.

Two learning tracks are offered through the BCA Abroad program at the University of The Gambia. The engineering track is designed to provide hands-on learning opportunities combined with technical and theoretical coursework as students collaborate with local Gambian students and community members to create or repair solar power systems for village public health clinics. The social sciences track combines academic coursework with field experience as students explore Gambian society by working with the local population.

Christ’s College in Taipei, Taiwan has partnered with Geneva College for many years. The school is now accredited with the U.S. Department of Education and is an international affiliate of the CCCU. The Chinese Language, Culture and Missions Program of Christ’s College is designed to prepare students to minister to the Chinese people through learning Chinese culture and language from native speakers, spending time with missionaries and participating in field trips.

The Azusa Pacific University South Africa Semester offers students the opportunity to serve in communities near Cape Town while learning about the culture and history of South Africa. Course offerings include culture and language studies, psychology, community engagement, art and theological studies and students will also participate in field research. Azusa Pacific is a member of the CCCU and a partner in Geneva’s Semester in Rome.

Burkhead has seen the positive impact that studying in another culture has on participating students. She explains, “Students learn things that are not just from a newspaper or textbook. And for Christians, it opens their eyes to God’s world in a much broader way.”

The Crossroads staff can provide additional information and guidance in choosing one of Geneva’s many excellent study abroad programs, as well as assist in the application process and preparation for the journey. They will also help students find the program that best fits their major and interests. Other available study abroad programs include the Jerusalem University Program, the Latin American Studies Program, the Oxford Summer Program, and much more. Click here for a complete listing of programs and places.


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A great majority of Geneva students – 70% – complete internships during the course of their study.

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