Dr. J. Randall Nutter remembered

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Randy Nutter

I knew Randy for about 10 years amd worked with him for about half that time as a memeber and then Chair of the Advisory Council to the Business Department.

He was a man of impeccable integrity with clearly defined principles founded in Scripture by which formed his thinking, living and teaching. He was a deep thinker who always thought through issues thoroughly while filtering them through his Christian world view.

At the same time he was committed to people - his family, his faculty and students - both as individuals and in their respective roles. He was never offended by a question or a challenge, but always responded with well thought out answers if he had them, or with a promise he would look into the matter and get back to the questioner which he did. He and the team he built did an excellent job of applying their quality work experience in commerce to the classroom which was of immeasurable value to their students in applying their faith to their academic studies and then life.

On a personal level, Randy became a close friend, who I am missing greatly. May God bless his memory and his work as it continues to have worldwide impact. He truly fulfilled Colossians 3:23-24 and trained students to do so as well!

- John Mandeville 65

Dr. Nutter was truly my favorite professor at Geneva College. I am so privileged to have had him as my advisor as well. He worked so hard to make sure that I could complete my double major and minor in 4 years. I had multiple classes with him, and though he was a truly great professor, he was more importantly a compassionate, caring mentor that I will never forget. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife and 3 daughters. They are blessed to have called him husband and dad.

- Allie Boidock

One of the things I loved most about Dr. Nutter was that he cared greatly about my personal goals, and assisted me in achieving them. Dr. Nutter was my advisor at Geneva. He laughed every time I showed up to register for classes, as I was always the first of his students to do so. He helped me reach all of my goals while in college, and blessed me so much by taking the time to listen to me. He will be very missed.

- Jennie (Jones '07) Diday

It was with shock and disbelief that I learned about the passing of Dr. Nutter. I met Dr. Nutter during the graduating party of the MBA class which included our son, George Kamau, who was amongst those that had won an award for exemplary performance in Dr. Nutter's department. George and I had plans to invite him to Kenya in East Africa to participate in the development of a curriculum for a Leasership development Training vocation college I am about to establish in our church. I got the news from George and I really felt sorry that our hopes of getting Dr. Nutter to our country has failed. We pray for strength and comfort to his wife and family and the bigger family of Geneva College and Liberty University where he taught for eleven years.
May God bless you all and remember we have a hope of a happy reunion with Dr. Nutter when the saints go marching in. He loved Christ dearly.

I wish you God's favor and comfort.

- Dr. Geoffrey Njuguna
Asbury DMin graduate of May 2011
Senior pastor, Deliverance church Langata

Heartbroken to hear of Dr. Nutter's passing. He took me on a business trip to China during my studies at Geneva and it was a key turning point in my life to go into business as a missionary. His passion for China and guidance as my adviser caused me to seek God's heart more deeply in my studies and in my life.

My prayers are with his dear wife and grandchildren of whom he spoke so often during our time in China. I cannot wait to greet him in Heaven and see the many who will be there because of his life.

Psalm 84:5

- Amanda Griffith

I was shocked and saddened to learn of Randy's passing on Christmas Eve. He left a rather large footprint at Geneva and in the Business Department. Randy always strived for the best in his department and God blessed his and his colleagues efforts. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family for their loss and ask that God would give them comfort during this very difficult time.

- Jim Dittmar

I was surprised to hear of Dr. Nutter's passing. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to his family!!! I had the privilege of having Dr. Nutter as my professor at Geneva for 4 years during my undergrad. He taught a great deal of my classes, and even after completing my MBA in FL I still considered Dr. Nutter to be the best professor I ever had. He taught me a great deal regarding HR, but also much more by the faith he portrayed and the light he was for Christ. God used him greatly in my life, and I know in MANY others!

- Angelica (Kryston) Kisiel

It was an honor for me to have known Dr. Nutter both as a professor and as a man of God. Like Teryila said, we had the opportunity to visit China with other students because of him and it was truly an experience that we will always remember. Dr. Nutter cared about his students and their advancement. Much more than that, he encouraged and gave us opportunities as students to weave and demonstrate our faith with academic development. We will truly miss Dr. Nutter while being inspired to action by his legacy. I pray peace and a special blessing over his family at this time and know that he is rejoicing in Heaven right now.

- Sophia Jeune

Dr. Nutter was one of the most challenging professors I had while at Geneva. At the time it was not pleasant, but now being out of college for several years, I now see the benefit of taking 3-4 classes of his. Not to mention his outstanding leadership and guidance as he served as my advisor for 4 years.

- Josh Gmys

We are shocked and saddened to hear of the loss of Dr. Nutter. He was a great professor and man of God. He was very influential in both of our academic lives as Business majors at Geneva and molded us to view the business world from a Christian perspective. He will be greatly missed.

- David '98 and Kara (Turcic '00) Lacinski

Dr. Nutter was a genuinely concerned for the academic development of his students, and because of him, I was opportuned to visit China on a business trip along with some other students. My heart goes out to the family at this difficult time, and I pray for strength. Dr. Nutter will be greatly missed, but someday we shall meet again in eternal glory. Rest In Peace!

- Teryila Ubwa

I had the privilege of serving as Randy's Administrative Assistant for 7 years, while he served as chair of the Business Department. He not only was my supervisor, but also was a friend. He made such an impact on the lives of so many of our students here at Geneva and I had the opportunity to witness that first hand as I watched students going in and out of his office, not only for academic advising, but many times for fatherly advice, which he so genuinely gave. The department thrived under his leadership and we all truly felt a part of not only a team, but a family.

My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I'm sure Randy heard these words as he was greeted by our Lord, "well done, good and faithful servant."

- Pam Watterson

I had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Nutter a few times. He struck me as man who wanted to instill Christlikeness through honor and integrity into those who pursued professional careers. From my family to yours, our deepest sympathies.

- Kenneth Gilson

I received the message of Dr. Nutter's death with great shock and sadness. One things I know for sure is that Dr. Nutter is with the Lord. I do recall moments during advisement meetings when he would pause for prayer. I will celebrate his life and his contributions to my success as a student under his advisement care. May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

- Wilfred Mutale

Randy was a major influence on me coming to Geneva. I was able to sit in on one of his classes when I was just visiting as a prospective student. He also made time to discuss anything with me after class and really showed an interest in perspective students. He also showed a great deal of interest in the classroom as he even got me involved while I was visiting. Thoughts and prayers go to his family!

- Josh Knauer

I was so sad to hear of Dr. Nutter's passing. He was a very gifted businessman and I remember that he took a big pay cut to come to Geneva to teach. He was faithful to God and so wise and kind. He will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

- Kristen Corbin '05

Dr. Nutter was my adviser while I was at Geneva and I was blessed to study under his teaching and leadership.

I have one memory, among many, of Dr. Nutter that stands out, though it isn't related to academics. It was during my junior year, and my girlfriend (who later became my wife, and who incidentally was studying under Mrs. Nutter in the speech therapy dept) needed to make a quick overnight trip home during the middle of the week. Her home was 7 hours away, so I decided to go with her so she wouldn't have to travel by herself. The trip required me to miss my class with Dr. Nutter the following day, so I stopped by his office to inform him of my impending absence from class. But after I explained the reason for my absence, his response was not what I expected. I figured that my absence wouldn't be an issue with him, but I had expected him to respond in regards to what assignments or reading I would need to catch up on.

Instead, he responded and said that as a father of three daughters, he commended my desire to not have my girlfriend make a long trip by herself, and that sort of concern would make a big impact on him if it involved one of his daughters. I chuckled a little at first, as I didn't really think it was that significant. I think my laugh made him sense that I wasn't really taking him seriously, to which he again reiterated that he was serious, and that sort of concern was a big deal. He finished by telling me to 'Just wait. Someday, if you have a daughter, you'll understand.' I now have three daughters myself, and his words certainly ring true, as they so often did.

Dr. Nutter looked beyond the academic side of things to offer personal encouragement, and for some reason that short conversation has always stuck with me. It reminded me that Dr. Nutter was not just a devoted professor, but a devoted father, and beyond that, he wasn't just concerned about his students academically, but just as much, if not more so, he was concerned about them as people.

Both my wife and I were saddened to hear this news on Christmas Eve and we are both grateful for the impact that he and his wife had on us during our 4 years at Geneva.

- Chris Mathews '00

I had two classes with Dr. Nutter. Without a doubt, he was one of my favorites at Geneva. I can remember visiting him in his office where he encouraged me in my class work and job hunt. I am very appreciative of the time he spent with his students in this regard. After all, half the learning is in the classroom, and the other half comes via how men who follow Christ exemplify their faith outside of the classroom.

Dr. Nutter is HOME, and perhaps now he can see how his small acts of kindness have positively impacted the lives of his students.

- Chris McCallister '93

Dr. Nutter was one of the most influential professors I had during my time at Geneva. He was a great mentor to me and I will never forget the lasting impact that he made on my life, academically, spiritually, and professionally. Dr. Nutter was a godly man, a brilliant teacher, and a loving husband and father. My heart grieves over the loss of this beloved man, but I am ever grateful that we shall meet again in heaven one day.

- Joy (Entwistle '05) Doyle

We loved Randy. I called him Buzz (Buzz Nutter) was a NFL center, he called me Old Coach. He was a wonderful Christian brother. As a leader in Geneva's Business Dept., he was a standout. He would have been a great COACH. We Sullivans will miss him very much. Our prayers are with Marylyn and the family. We grieve with you. May the Lord bless you all with His love, assurance and peace in this very difficult time.

- Gene and Ruth Sullivan

It was a privilege to teach at Geneva with you for a brief time. But thanks be to God, this is not a farewell, only a "'til we meet again!"

But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our LORD Jesus Christ. (1 Cor. 15:57, NIV '84)

You have attained the victory, Randy. May it be said of us, 'They pressed on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called them heavenward in Christ Jesus, like Randy did before them.'"

- Murat Tanyel

Randy was a tremendous mentor, colleague and friend. I was not only blessed to have him as a professor for two of my undergraduate courses, but he also trusted me enough to give me my first full-time teaching opportunity. He was a great department chair and developed his business faculty into a "well oiled machine." He demonstrated incredible patience and always saw (and brought out) the best in us. Randy was a loyal friend and has left a tremendous legacy. Well done Boss R!

- Christen Adels

Randy was my friend and colleague for 9 years while we worked together at Geneva. My first position at Geneva was to work in the Business department under Randy's leadership. I am grateful for the confidence that he showed in me. Randy was a terrific leader of the Business department. Under his leadership, there was much in the way of curriculum innovation and reform, and he led the way for the department to become accredited by ACBSP. He was a strong advocate for excellent classroom instruction, which he encouraged in others and demonstrated himself. He was a deeply devoted Christian, and was passionate about Geneva's mission to integrate faith and learning. His work at Geneva will be felt for years to come. My deepest sympathy is extended to Marilyn and the family.

- Ken Carson

It is sad to hear of Dr. Nutter's passing. I had a brief contact with him in the summer of 2008 when he was retiring from Geneva. I am grateful for the connections he set up with China for Geneva College's business school. He seems to be a sharp and knowledgeable business professional from my first impressions of him.

- David Che

Randy was a wonderful mentor and very influential in my development as an HR professional and business person. He helped me identify HR and business as my calling when I was in my undergrad studies at Geneva. When I graduated, he kept in touch regularly and was instrumental in bringing me back to Geneva to serve the staff here. He helped me understand the connection between faith and practicing HR/business. The Lord used his faith and ambition to disciple students to bring many into the kingdom of grace and to enrich their understanding of scripture's importance in what we do. Randy's influence will continue into the future as he has been such a pivotal mentor to so many. It is my hope that I and others touched by his caring work can carry on the baton to see the kingdom of heaven expanded and enriched.

Marilyn and family - my heart goes out to you. My prayers are for your comfort and peace.

- Tim Baird

God gifted Randy in so many ways. Randy stewarded those gifts well. He was an excellent administrator, teacher, family man, parishioner and more. We grieve the loss of Randy and yet celebrate his eternal life with our Lord & Savior.

- Rob Rostoni

Randy is a superb department chair at Geneva and a close personal friend. He is always willing to help with any problems that arise. He has created a team working relationship that is both enjoyable and productive. We all enjoy doing our work under his leadership. His ability to see past the mundane and get to the core of issues is refreshing. Randy will rise to the top in any work he does.

- [LinkedIn posting, August 19, 2008] Dave Jordan, Assoc Prof of Business and Engineering, Geneva College reported to Dr. Nutter at Southest University, Nanjing, China

Randy is a fantastic instructor. He knows how to gently challenge people. As a student, I felt the sincere interest that he showed towards helping each of his students reach their highest potential. Randy did not just let you get by, but challenged, gently, that you would achieve higher bounds than you thought capable. I would heartily recommend Randy to any professional as a leader and instructor.

I have known Randy for about 15 years. He has been a great mentor to me. Randy has a genuine zeal for what he does. He has a unique ability to focus on people in his strategy. His knowledge of management theory and human resources brings much to the table as he approaches strategic management decisions.

- [LinkedIn posting, August 13, 2008] Brian Panichelle, President, BP Insurance, Inc was with another company when working with Dr. Nutter at self employed

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