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Anissa Lamberton believes that the love and loyalty found at Geneva College are motivated by a relationship with Jesus Christ, not status or prestige. And after teaching at universities for the past 24 years, she recognizes that this is hard to find.

As Anissa and her husband began the college search with their daughter Emma, they knew that they wanted her receive a Christian education. Their home state of Vermont is the least-churched state in the nation and a difficult territory for Christian youth. Thus, their college visits covered 10 schools in seven states; Geneva was the last stop.

Personal InteractionThe joyful faith exhibited by the Geneva admissions counselors, the staff and administrators solidified their choice. “We knew by the end of our first visit that Geneva was the right place for Emma to be,” says Anissa.

“It was important that we sent our daughter to a school that supported our values,”

Anissa continues. She was reassured by the fact that Geneva faculty has to sign a statement of faith, as this practice was not evident at other schools they had visited. And it certainly is not the case at the large university where she teaches.

Emma quickly recognized that Geneva fit her both personally and academically. Her first-year experience confirmed Geneva as the answer to her prayers, providing life-long godly friends, faculty mentors desiring to embolden students to understand the Gospel and grow in faith, and peace within a purposeful Christian community.

“I know that Emma’s education is going beyond the classroom. The faith aspect at Geneva isn’t just a prayer before class starts,” says Anissa.

"...The faith aspect at Geneva isn’t just a prayer before class starts."

Despite living far away, Anissa has felt the warmth of the Geneva community. “Someone always offers airport transportation, help when sickness occurs or a home-cooked meal. The family at Geneva pulls together whether in a crises or as a norm of sharing life together.”

When visiting Geneva, she suggests that parents make the effort to interact with professors, staff and other families. “The network of fun and loving people here will bless you and your student. Visiting campus begins to feel like home away from home for the entire family,” she says.

The Lambertons also reaped the benefits of staying updated on their daughter’s academic journey. “Ask to read the papers that your student writes,” Anissa encourages. “The meaningful topics and Christ-centered focus of classes speak volumes about the Geneva community and make the tuition bill totally worth it!”

Anissa is pleased that her daughter has been challenged and enriched at Geneva. “Yes, the programs and majors were what we wanted, but we soon recognized that the people are Geneva’s strength.”

-Richard Louther ’15

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Becky Carson

I am very appreciative of the opportunity to serve Geneva College parents over the past five years. My husband has accepted a position in northern Virginia and we are in the process of relocating. While I am stepping down from my staff position, we are blessed to maintain our deep connection with Geneva as our daughter continues her course of study.
– Becky (Carson ’85) Phillips

April 2014

Fresh Look, Fresh Food
Fresh Look, Fresh Food
In August, students can look forward to a new dining experience characterized by a fresh look, as well as fresh food and food choices.
Stand for Freedom on April 9
Stand for Freedom on April 9
Students Against Modern Slavery will stand for 24 hours to raise awareness of human rights abuse.
Geneva’s Jazz Band to present concert of swing standards
Geneva’s Jazz Band to present concert of swing standards
“In the Mood XIX: Big Band Music Returns” will be on Sat., Apr. 12.

"Geneva prepared me to deal with worldview issues from a faith perspective." ... Read more

- Karen (Aiken ’06) Marando, Psychology

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