Pearson and Praxis Tests

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The Pearson and Praxis II Series Tests are taken by individuals entering the teaching profession as part of the certification process required by many states and professional licensing organizations.

Pearson tests:

Pre-service academic performance assessment (papa) test and the appropriate certification area tests are required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Information registration, test dates, study guides, and practice tests are available at

Tests requirements for PK-4/PK-8 special education:
  • Pre-service academic performance assessment (papa)
  • Prek-4 assessments
  • Special education prek-8 assessment

Tests requirements for middle school (4-8) education:
  • Pre-service academic performance assessment (papa)
  • Praxis series (See tests under Praxis)

Tests requirement for secondary education:
  • Pre-service academic performance assessment (papa)
  • Praxis series (See tests under Praxis)

Praxis Tests

The Praxis II tests are identified by the area of certification.

Middle School (Grades 4-8)
  • PAPA (See test under Pearson)
  • PA Grades 4-8 Core Assessments Test #5152
  • Plus Concentration modules
  • Subject Concentration English Language Arts: Tests #5156
  • Subject Concentration Social Studies: Test #5157
  • Subject Concentration Mathematics: Test # 5158
  • Subject Concentration Science: Test # 5159

Secondary Education
  • PAPA (See test under Pearson)
  • Plus Concentration modules
  • Concentration Knowledge - Biology - Test #0235
  • Concentration Knowledge - Chemistry - Test -#0245
  • Concentration Knowledge - English - Test #0041
  • Concentration Knowledge - Mathematics - Test #0061
  • Concentration Knowledge - Music - Test #0113
  • Concentration Knowledge - Physics - Test #0265
  • Concentration Knowledge - Social Studies - Test #0081

Music Education - Music K-12
  • PAPA (See test under Pearson)
  • Concentration Knowledge - Music - Test #0113
  • Fundamental Subjects: Content knowledge Test #0511

Praxis Computer-Delivered Testing Demonstration: This new interactive online demonstration helps Praxis test takers get familiar with the computer testing experience prior to test day. Candidates can walk through the entire process - from logging in to exiting a test - to help reduce anxiety on test day.

Praxis Webinars: These free webinars deliver in-depth information about Praxis tests and offer your students the opportunity to interact and ask questions. Prospective test takers are also presented with a plan to help guide their preparation. Visit the Praxis webinar page to view the webinar schedule.

Strategies for Success Video: This video provides useful information on resources and strategies that test candidates use to prepare for the Praxis tests.

Free help is available for the Praxis tests at

To find out more about these online tools and other ETS official test pre materials, visit