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Sport Coaching Minor

The Physical Education DepartmentCourses in the Sport Coaching Minor can prepare students for coaching in interscholastic, intercollegiate, community and youth sport organizations.

The following 18 credit hours must be taken to fulfill the requirements for a sport coaching minor:

PED 150 Coaching Effectiveness (3)
PED 205 Sport Coaching Practicum (3)
PED 255 Athletic Training (3)
PED 301 Psychological and Motor Learning Aspects of Sport Performance (3)
SPM 101 Introduction to Sport Management (3)
SPM 401 Sport in American Culture (3)

PED 150 (Spring) Coaching Effectiveness (3)
This course is designed to provide students with knowledge and practical experiences related to coaching. It focuses on knowledge, skills, and issues in coaching. This course aims to develop insight and knowledge in the areas of philosophy, conditioning and training, and pedagogy. The course will study issues involved in coaching in an attempt to expose the complicated demands of coaching and the necessary tools one should possess in order to be successful in coaching (offered alternate spring semesters of even years).

PED 205 (Fall) Sport Coaching Practicum (3)
The course offers opportunity for coaching minors to develop the knowledge, practical application, and skills necessary to become more proficient leaders in sport. Students’ ability will be enhanced and assessed in various coaching and administrative duties. Students should register for this course with the instructor when they are admitted to the coaching minor and remain active until all the requirements are completed.

PED 255 (Spring) Athletic Training (3)
Instruction in understanding basic muscular skeletal dynamics and how they relate to the care and prevention of athletic injuries. Identify and evaluate common athletic injuries, learn basic skills related to taping, as well as how to use equipment commonly found in athletic training rooms.

PED 301 (Spring) Psychological and Motor Learning Aspects of Sport Performance (3)
An overview and application of psychological and physiological factors which affect sport performance. Content areas include goal setting, motivation and performance factors, arousal-aggression variables, as well as the physiological structures of the human body and their relationship to sport performance. Prerequisite: PED 103. Cross-listed as SPM 301. (offered alternate springs of even years – 2010)

SPM 101 (Fall) Introduction to Sport Management (3)
Theories and principles of management for sport programs. Introduces students to career opportunities and responsibilities in sport management, as well as basic information on topics such as legal liability, fiscal management, facilities operation, personnel supervision, and public relations.

SPM 401 (Spring) Sport in American Culture (3)
Presentation of sociological dimensions of sport and sport participation and the impact of sport on society in general. Review of related research covering such areas as youth sport, women in sport, professional sport, religion and sport, sport and education, sport and politics, and the effects of sports on the economy. Special attention will be placed on analyzing sport in American culture from a Christian perspective. Prerequisites: SPM 101and junior standing. (offered alternate  springs of even years – 2010)

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