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Adam Rowe – Public Relations and Writing Double Major

pic-adam.jpgOne of Adam Rowe′s hobbies, juggling, has prepared him well to be a student at Geneva College. With a double major in both writing and communications with a public relations concentration, combined with a plethora of extracurricular activities, Adam juggles quite a bit. He wouldn′t change that, though.

"My advice to anyone in college is to get involved on campus," he says. "Geneva is stuffed to the gills with opportunities, and once I started to sign up for the ones I enjoyed, I had a lot more fun and made a lot more friends than I would have otherwise." This involvement in the Geneva community, he adds, is what helped make his college transition easy.

A mention of Adam′s Northwestern home, the Seattle area of Washington, often elicits awe from his Geneva classmates in Pennsylvania. He never considered it a big deal when applying, and he still doesn′t. "Once I decided to leave the state, there wasn′t a big distinction between this or that side of the USA. Geneva has good professors, fun friends and a great environment."

"There aren′t a lot of differences," he says about the 2,000-mile gap. "I just can′t go home over the weekend. Also, there′s apparently a town called ′Washington′ in Pennsylvania, so people assume I′m either from the town or from the District of Columbia whenever I don′t add ‘state′ to the name. Why does George Washington have to get all the attention?"

At Geneva, Adam developed and honed his writing skills-which is good since it is one of his majors as well as his passion. He′s been writing since before he could write: as a kid, he would draw cartoons and talk his older sister into captioning them. His handwriting has only improved a little since then, so he often sticks to typing.

Published in the magazine Stone Soup when he was 13 and in the magazine Cicada at age 16, Adam has continued his writing career at Geneva though a position as staff writer on The Geneva Cabinet newspaper, the submission of fiction to The Chimes literary magazine and a writing internship in the public relations department. In his spare time, he works towards his dream job-being a novelist.

Geneva′s opportunities extend beyond writing, however. Adam recently spent the spring 2012 semester experiencing the foreign culture of Rome, Italy, through the Semester in Rome program. "It′s Geneva′s best program, in my opinion," he states. "The location is in central Rome, so it′s better than most of the universities in Rome." His favorite part of Italy? "The food really is better over there. I may not have eaten my weight in gelato, but I certainly tried."

Adam′s next project is writing and directing a movie for Geneva′s Film Fest. He′s confident that it will be the "best Film Fest video ever." This lofty goal is further evidence that Adam′s juggling will continue through his college career.

-Adam Rowe '14

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